Accommodation Guide – Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan

KH Soon Resthouse
Kiau Lian Building
140 Jalan Pemancha
Bandar Seri Begawan
Brunei Darussalam
Phone: 222 2052
Stayed there: 16th and 17th August 2008
Rates: From B$30 per room. I split a room with a double and a single bed and attached “bathroom” with two others for B$18.60 per night

We ended up here as the hostel was refusing foreign guests for a week, starting the day we arrived. Typical. They recommended this place so we walked round.
Some haggling got us the room mentioned above, in preference to three of us sharing a 5 single-bed room with no bathroom (the difference being $4 for the room, not per person).
The owners are quite bouncy and the guy in charge acted with a sense of humour as we really tried to haggle him down on the room price. We did get a free bottle of water (much needed). Soft, clean towels and soap were provided as well.
I was on the single bed and it was comfy enough with clean sheets. The wet room was more of an enclosed space in the corner of the room, but the shower was new and hot. Definitely in better condition than the seat-less toilet.
BSB is small enough that location makes little difference, but one advantage is that KH Soon is only a street away from the bus station.
There are no other extras here, either – no TV, no fridge and no internet access at all. Still, there aren’t many places to choose from and aside from the hostel this is the next cheapest. Does the job. Do note that all (as far as I could tell) the share toilets are squats!

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