Jetsetting again

Here’s a hint for you if you’re at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – like Colombo in Sri Lanka there is no free wi-fi across the board. But sit in the right spot… I’m waiting at gate G2 for my flight to Helsinki and I can just pick up a signal from the Quantas lounge.

Had some fun this morning when my key broke in my door at the hostel. I managed to get the piece out, but it cost me half my key deposit which was annoying. Ah well, at least it was half and not the whole amount which the woman who runs the joint wanted to hit me with. The chap who works overnight managed to talk her down. If I’d waited till she wasn’t around, he said he’d probably have just waived it entirely.

I had a nice chat with an Argentinian guy on the bus on the way here, too. He was picking his sister up before they travelled Thailand for 3 weeks. She’s then going back to Buenos Aires while he goes on to Malaysia. Nice guy, and very enthusiastic about his own country. Another one for my “to do” list!

Well, ten minutes left and I wish I’d known about this wi-fi before! I don’t know about Helsinki airport, so the next post may be from Dusseldorf or Bielefeld.

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