Time getting short…

Next week I empty my house and move all my possessions north to my parents’. Chris, bless ‘im, has volunteered to help me move everything out of the loft and also to deliver some of my furniture to a friend who’s just had a baby.

I’m very much in the throes of “have I done everything?” and I’m sure I haven’t! There’s bound to be an address I’ve not updated, or something I’ve forgotten to pack. My aim is to have, by Tuesday evening, everything I intend to take in one 20kg(or less) rucksack and one 7kg (or less) carry-on rucksack, plus laptop. Essentially, what the airline will allow me. As luck would have it I just got one of those “please give us your old clothes” things through the door. I think I’ll fill a bag or so for them! Loathe as I am to part with old shirts, it makes sense and it’s not like I wear most of them any more.

Hard to believe it’s just under a month before I leave. And under 2 weeks before I’ll be dossing in other people’s houses!

One thought on “Time getting short…

  1. Give me a ring tonight to make sure don’t forget. Also an email during the day tomorrow may be a good idea (stressful at work at the moment).


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