iechyd da!

And Cardiff bites the dust as the UK leg of the World Tour draws closer to the end.

Thanks to Alison, Anni (and LELI), Andy and JanetyJanet for showing up, and apologies accepted from Jo (illness) and SFG/SWMBO (household emergency) who couldn’t make it.

Oh, another “thank you” to Sharon for checking out the football scores. Stuck in the land of egg-chasers I couldn’t find so much as a TV in a shop window with the results on display.

This was actually the hardest of the “pre-flight” trips to make as it means parting with my pussy cats. Anni has volunteered to take them on board while I’m away and within minutes of the furry felines arriving I think she knew she’d made a good choice. Look after them well – they’re the single most valuable thing I’m leaving behind!

Cats are great when they’re loose in a car. There’s nothing better for removing stress at 85mph than a cat asleep on your lap. Partly because it just feels nice, and partly because you then at least know they’re not wedged under the brake pedal.

It was great to see Alison again as it’s been a few years since we caught up. She’s very good at help when you’re shopping! Don’t even ask how much I spent – my credit card is still weeping inconsolably.

JJ is as mental as her blog comments would have you believe – mad as a bag of peppered badgers. My one piece of advice to her would be to stay well clear of anything with too many E-numbers. She’s bouncy enough as it is without them!

Advice to anyone – never try and be my best mate in a pub just because you can read my name on the back of my shirt. I don’t know you, I don’t like you, and shouting at me when I’m trying to have a conversation is not going to put you in my good books. Being a Brummie was never going to help, either. However, fleeing the drunken hoardes did allow Andy to show us where the TARDIS was plonked for an afternoon and JJ to go “wow” and pretend to be impressed.

We had dinner in Nando’s, where the staff only tried to poison me once with a raw chicken burger. The replacement was slightly warmer. Public houses were visited, but we ended up in Metros as it’s about the place in Cradiff without a dress code and two of us didn’t have daffodils to use as buttonholes so none of the other clubs would let us in.

Andy and I stood and watched the tail end of Tron on the tellies while everyone else acted sociable (sorry about that) before it ended and we realised there was a bar with cheap prices before midnight. OK, actually I realised there were cheap prices before midnight when the round I bought at 00:05 was about 4 quid dearer than the previous one, despite containing one less drink as LELI had gone home.

Andy himself was the next to retire, and I confess I was absolutely bushed having been up since about 6:30 that morning. We retired back to Anni’s and crashed out after trying to engage in sensible conversations for some time.

For the last morning, I woke up with Ed snuggled under my arm. I’m going to miss the little sod. A lot. Even KK was pleasant and didn’t try to eat me. At least I know the pair couldn’t be in better hands.

Anni managed to eventually prise my hands off the cats and I set off homeward via SFG/SWMBO’s to drop their exclusive tour t-shirts off. And to play with Boris the insane bouncy dog.

Next stop was home… and a subconscious search for cats running up to greet me. Ah well. I’ve moved into Kim’s until the end of the week (another thank you!) and have a trillion (ish) things to do before Saturday morning.

The next update will likely be from London next week!

7 thoughts on “iechyd da!

  1. I am wondering how far you got before you had to stop the car? Did you even make it to the main road?

    Kitties are fine, still a bit wary, but begging me to feed them – I’d better go!

  2. have some v.cute piccies of you playing with Ed – will email through as soon as I get organised enough to download

    ps. I am not mad
    pps. bibble

  3. Gothicat – thanks for that! Though Ed was cuter.

    Anni – all the way home (via SFG’s), even dodging random people jumping off bridges near your house.

    JJ – please! If they’re cute enough I may even bob them on here!

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