Tiger pics not yet uploaded!

I was intending to get all the tiger pictures up today, but it seems that Fotopic isn’t in agreement with me. Their servers seem a little too busy and I can’t connect to upload.

However, the pictures are all sorted and waiting to be shoved up the wire. I’ll try again when I get in from the footie at the Bull’s Head. Or more likely in the morning when I’ve sobered up.

Boris, one of the guys I met at the Tiger Temple, turned up at the hostel I’m staying in earlier. Small world! If he’s back soon enough I shall encourage him to join me for dinner, though apparently he’s hoping for a date with a stewardess he hooked up with. Lucky man! Posted by Picasa

UPDATE: Tiger Temple pics (120 of them) now available at http://mosh.fotopic.net.

4 thoughts on “Tiger pics not yet uploaded!

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    Spent an age looking through all your Thai pics.

    I retract anything I may have said about you being stingy with pics. 20 of the tiger ones have been bookmarked just for being abjectly cool.

    Did you find that the bling places had gold leaf floating about the floor and blowinginthe wind in eddies? I did.

  2. Dewi – the gold leaf’s part of their ritual. If you see some of the small Buddha statues you might notice they have little squares of gold leaf stuck to them. Thais buy these little squares and rub them on for luck or “merit”. Of course, some will blow away.

    As for the number of pics, I’ve only posted about a third to a quarter of the tiger ones. Some are just very “samey” and some just not as good as I’d hoped. These are the pick of the bunch.

    Rob – glad you’re liking. There will be some more over the next couple of weeks. I’m just about to neck my breakfast and jump in a taxi to the airport to get to Chaing Mai…

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