Tam biet, Hanoi!

 (that’s “goodbye” – or it would be if I could get all the accents right)

Last night I had most of a full meal and some beer, so I must be getting better. I also got to watch some astounding lightning in the skies to the west of Hanoi. I’ve never seen lightning move horizontally before. Also, the moon travels across the sky an awful lot faster than it does in the UK overnight. Or perhaps I’ve just not noticed all these years.

I’m off to catch the airport shuttle bus in half an hour. It’s $2 rather than the $10 that a taxi costs and nobody else is going airportwards so I’m taking the cheap option. I don’t have to be there earlier than 12:30 so that’s plenty of time.

Next stop will be a 3-hour layover in Singapore, then on for the long-haul flight to Auckland where I’m due to arrive at 10:30am local time. I’m stocking up opn Red Bull so that I can make it through as many of the 60 on-board films on the flight as possible. I want my money’s-worth, dammit!

Catch you all down under!


It’s now about 10:48 and I’ve opted for a taxi. Just as I was grabbing my bags, the heavens opened. And they don’t do it by halves over here! By the time I got to the bus station, but bags would be drenched, so I’ve opted for a taxi (due in 10 minutes) instead. Eight dollars (US) extra because of the weather. Pah.

I’m viewing it as Hanoi trying to get me used to the weather I’ll be encountering in Kiwiland. The girl at the counter said that Hanoi didn’t want me to leave. I like her phrasing better, but I have a feeling I’m closer to the truth! Posted by Picasa