Auckland, NZ – population one more than it was 48 hours ago

 Our incredibly kind hosts dropped us off at Christchurch airport shortly after 8:00 for our hastily arranged flight to Auckland. Thank you so much for putting up with us for the last few days. Pam & Rob were superb hosts for our stay in Peter Jackson country, and I’d like to say I’d return the favour but I don’t see any reason why they’d want to head back to the UK given where they are now! It’s always great to catch up with friends you’ve not seen for a while. Even better when they take such good care of you. Thanks again, people!

The airport was about as dead as I’ve ever seen such a facility, so I tapped up my blog while Louise wandered round the shops. My typing outlasted her window shopping.

 Just before boarding, we gave Indy a call to arrange a decent time to pop to the hospital to see the new arrival. Megan wanted to join in the phone conversation (or was annoyed that the phone was getting more attention than she was) and Indy sounded close to tears, bless him. Big softie.

The flight itself was uneventful, and we got the airbus into Auckland centre (another YHA card discount) where I’d booked us into the BK Hostel on K-Road. Close to the centre without being too close, tons of shops nearby, sparkly clean and very friendly staff. It’s a huge building, too – about 4 floors I think. Bargain at less than £10 per person per night for a double room.

 We popped some washing on and grabbed some lunch from the handy Subway underneath, then wandered into a great second hand/rare bookshop round the corner. We emerged, blinking, into the warm sunshine an hour later to head for the hospital.

Sparing the hyperbole, Megan’s beautiful. Indy’s a complete gushing new dad and Lisa’s looking great despite hardly sleeping for 2 days. I think we spent about 2 hours there watching Indy gurgle pathetically and wipe foul-smelling stuff off one day old bottoms. While smiling. Parenthood really messes with the brain.

He then kindly drove us to his house so we could swap our luggage round for lighter loads before dropping us back off at the hostel and zooming hospital-wards where he hoped to be allowed to crash on a mattress on the floor again as he’d done the previous night.

 Lou and I had a healthy dinner at Wendys then popped by the Queen’s head for some cider, wine and pool. I even got a free pint as the first glass I was given had a small chip in it. I wasn’t complaining!

We started to watch a film on my laptop, but the jetting about caught up with us and we zonked out. Lou’s off to Qatar tomorrow and I’ve got to shift hostels (there’s one down the road that’s cheaper for dorm rooms). And I want to pop in and annoy the new parents again! Posted by Picasa

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