Night-time rumblings

Remember I mentioned about the wobbly bunk bed? Well, the guy on ground level struck lucky at a club last night, I think.

Suffice to say the usual force 2 turned into a force 4 sometime overnight when he returned with whoever he’d pulled. I don’t know if the earth moved for them but it flipping well did for me. I almost felt seasick. Again.

Quite a few people moved on this morning. As I mentioned, the girl I was chatting to headed for Cambridge, the Indian girl in the bunk under hers snuck off as well, and the other top-bunking female is packing her washing up as I type.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I’ve shifted to the now-free bottom bunk. No more jumping off the top level onto a luggage-covered floor in pitch darkness. Instead I can now step gingerly out of bed and trip over the stuff. It did get me thinking about my bed situation back home and how lack luster it is. I browsed all night on sites like to find what I need. In the end I think I will have to endure my situation a little longer.

The hostel does a lot of things in the evenings and Thursdays are quiz nights. I got roped into a team with an English girl and two American lads – one was a stereotypical loud Texan. He reminded me of Phil Anselmo crossed with Andy from Rios – apologies to those of you who don’t know these people!

Amazingly, we won. Partly as the people on my team seemed to know the staff very well. The worst bit was the third bonus round for which I was volunteered. I stepped up to find out that our task was… to neck a half-pint of Tui really fast. Oh, what a shame.

I came second, behind an enormous guy from the Midlands who didn’t seem to swallow so much as just pour the beer down his neck. No shame in that. And it was free!

Unfortunately, I headed off into town before the scores were racked up so I didn’t know we’d won till the next day. By which time, the rest of the team had drunk our $50 bar tab. Nice of them. First time I have ever won a pub quiz and I didn’t even get a share of the prize!

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