Words and waiting

I heard the most wonderful phrase the other day. I was talking to Lee (apologies for spelling – it may be “Li”) who runs the nearby branch of Pepperonis. I’d popped in for my usual takeaway chicken burger, and she bought me a beer while I waited. I like this place. When I step in at lunchtime, they just get me a seat and go to sort my burger out. No need to order any more – they know what I want!

Lee and I got talking and conversation turned to the people who live in Hanoi, my wallet being stolen, how people rallied to help me until I had cash and so on. She told me:

“People who come to help you when you need help… they have good heart. They have red heart.”

Now I assume this is a literal translation of a common phrase in Vietnamese, but it’s a lovely use of words. In English we are always too happy to say that someone is “black hearted”, but I’ve never heard the opposite side of this verbal coin before. Words I will remember – and use.

In other news, my eyes (both of them – the infection spread last night) are settling down a bit but exertion, including bending down to pick things up, makes them feel like they’re ballooning out of my head. However, on the whole they only feel tired now although their chosen hue is still very much scarlet.

Still no sign of the ATM card. I would have expected it in the last two days so I guess I’m just playing a waiting game with the Vietnamese Post Office. Happy happy joy joy!

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