I didn’t opt for the additional day’s Adventure course after all. Mainly as the other alternative was a night out with everyone from the Open Water course to celebrate our 100% pass rate. I had a huge KFC with Kerry (who opted for a Chinese instead) and then she returned to the hostel as I met up with the rest of the group in Rattle & Hum. Everyone from our class turned up, which was great. I will try to remember the names!

Annie and Travis from Minnesota. Thorsten (and his girlfriend, Julia) from Germany. Magnus and Johan from Sweden. Pablo from Cuba. Eduardo from Spain (and his girlfriend). Heath, Mitz and another instructor from the company. And then the guy from Sydney, two girls from Holland (one of whom got very attached to Heath *ahem*) and the girl from France. My apologies for any memory lapses and spelling mistakes.

A great night was had by all. We stayed in R&H for a couple of hours. The toilets are interesting – the wall you face when stood at the gents’ urinal is a one-way mirror. I’m sure I’ve seen this trick somewhere else as well, but it’s still rather unnerving! We then walked to the Wool Shed where we got free entry and half price drinks courtesy of our dive instructor. Don’t ask how much I necked – all I will say is that my wallet was in tears by the time we left.

I think Annie, Travis and I left around 2am and the place was still in full swing. Travis was wasted and couldn’t even remember what he’d drunk last let alone all evening. Good lad! He also left his credit card behind the bar where he’d started up a tab… and forgot to collect it when we left. Thankfully we got it back the next evening when we went in for food.

As a result of the over-imbibing, I didn’t wake up until around midday with another complete lack of hangover. Travis had managed to get rid of most of the alcohol poisoning his system downstairs near the seating area. Fortunately, the cleaning crew seemed to have no problem clearing that away before people woke up.

Kerry left in the evening for Melbourne, but I have her email address. If you get a chance to read this, Kerry, thanks for being great company and have a safe journey in the rest of Oz, New Zealand and then back home!

Annie, Travis and I went for dinner at the Wool Shed where Travis got his card back. For dessert, we stopped at a “Dip and Dot” shop. The two Americans recognised this ice-cream concoction from their state fair but were surprised to see a shop selling it. Essentially it’s ice cream, frozen water or frozen yoghurt in teeny little balls. I had a small tub of raspberry sorbet and it was really nice. I’ve no idea how they make it but it’s a lot less messy than ice cream!

I have also booked myself onto the Advanced PADI course for this weekend. It’s only two days (Friday and Sunday), but there are six dives with various themes (naturist, deep water and so on) and after completion I’ll be able to dive to 30m rather than the 18m limit I have now. To allow plenty of time for my body to adjust, I’ve booked my next flight (back to Brisbane) for very early on Thursday morning.

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