In case you’ve not noticed, I’ve added a Google Calendar link to the right hand column of this blog, above my manually-maintained schedule [it’s now on the left and the manually-maintained one’s no longer there]. This gives details of all the places I’m planning to be and will be updated as and when I confirm details. It includes my flight and accommodation details, so if you need to track me for whatever reason (like I’m staying with you and I forgot to give you my flight number), it’ll be on there.

Please note that as of about 2 weeks ago you’ll need Javascript running on your web browser to see the date list and link to Google Calendar. This is to save me having to republish my entire blog every time I alter the list, which was becoming a little tedious. Now I just edit one file and it’s up there. Yes, I had too much time a while ago.

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3 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. I am *planning* on going to Japan, though it’s not confirmed yet. I’m still short of accommodation in a couple of cities (small ones, like Tokyo and Kyoto) which would dent my budget otherwise.

    We shall see. I *do* want to and flight prices from here are as low as I’ll get anywhere, I think.

    *waves to the Beeblebears*

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