Google Ads gone

For those who’ve not noticed, the Google Ads have been removed from the blog. I was up to around $60 (I needed to accrue $100 before they’d pay out) when they emailed me to say my account had been blocked and then revoked for “invalid clicks”. I was asked to explain these, I queried what I was supposed to be explaining and they said that wasn’t good enough and axed my account.

What a great way to do business. And a great way to waste the time I spent adding the code to all the blog pages. Not much else to add. Just a bit of a rant to get something off my chest. I think I’ll go and smash some pool balls around to relieve the tension.

2 thoughts on “Google Ads gone

  1. I’ve heard so many complaints about Google ads. either you get no clicks and therefore no money OR you get clicks and Google disputes them and cuts you off.

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