Mumbai… eventually

Our flight boarded on time, and then took off slightly before it was due to land. Fog has been causing nightmares in Delhi and watching the news when we reached our hotel it seems we were lucky to get here tonight at all.

We checked how much a taxi should cost us when we got to the airport and rejected the first guy who tried to charge us 200 Rp too much. Despite his protestations that his car had aircon, we went for another guy who was happy to quote us exactly 350Rp. Although he pulled the usual trick and asked for 400 when he dropped us off.

The hotel is certainly a mile better than the dingy pit we were stuck in in Agra. The shower works, as does the TV, and it’s actually clean. The only downside is that there’s an aircon unit teasing us by being there, but it doesn’t work. A shame as it’s actually hot and muggy down here.

Tomorrow should be fun as there is no running water in Mumbai. They’re turning it off right across the city for some major pipework to be done. I guess I’ll have to get up early for my shower then!

Oh, and I finished The Money Changers before bed. The first time I’ve read a novel cover-to-cover in a day in longer than I can remember.

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