Oggy, oggy, oggy!

 Singapore Marathon day. Had I known far enough in advance, I’d have signed up. OK, I may have just gone for the 10k run that’s done alongside it, but I’d certainly have been up for it! The previous night as I was going to bed, one guy in the hostel was eating his breakfast in preparation. Due to the heat, the race starts around 6am.

I woke just before 9am and grabbed some food before heading out to the finish line. By the time I got there it was mobbed. A lot of people had already finished, though how many were 26-milers I’m not sure. The finish was by the war memorials I’d been to a few days before, and the field was filled with tents. One was giving complimentary 10-minute massages to marathon runners. Another was concessions. Another housed a bouncy castle. There was the obligatory shouty DJ annoying everyone as well. Just like back home.

 As I am wont to do round here, I strolled the shopping malls for a while (they were all shut – they open at 11 on a Sunday) and then, on Karen’s advice, walked up to the “Gotham” building I mentioned on my first trip here. It looks like a reject from a Batman film. I discoverd it had a courtyard on the first floor containing about 20 statues of famous people from history and some nice waterworks. I still don’t have a clue what’s in the actual building, but it looks nice.

I bumped into Naiomi back at the hostel. She was after some things, so we went to Mustafa’s and then on to the shops I’d been in earlier. And then I walked around the electronics bit pricing up PSPs again. Gah.

 On the way back, we had munchies including some of the delicious local ice cream wrapped in a slice of bread. It sounds weird, but it’s fantastic!

For dinner, I went to Baa Baa Black Chic round the corner for a $6 barbequeue and got chatting to some more people from the hostel. Upon my return I was pressganged by Gurpreet to help her haggle for an iPod in Sim Lim Square. How she managed this I don’t know as I’d never buy one of the damn things myself!

I decided to have an early night after that. Early morning, rather. I crashed at 4am. Free internet is evil. Posted by Picasa

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