Footie *sigh*

Another day like many others in Goa. Sat on the beach, soaking up the rays, swimming in the warm sea, eating great food for not much money.

At dinnertime, Hans and the neighbours went off into town somewhere for what was, I’m told, a very good meal. I was feeling a little antisocial due to a very painful shoulder. I think I got it from sitting in a really stupid position while I read for around 4 hours.

Regardless, it made it easier for them to get a taxi (four people rather than five) and I just settled on a simple roast chicken before going to the Cuba bar for a beer (or five) and to watch the footie.

This, I realised, was the first complete live Newcastle match I’ve seen this season. Good grief. It may well be the last going by the places I’ve still to travel through. Thankfully it was a corker. Goals everywhere, a crap referee who most definitely needs glasses, fights on the pitch, end-to-end action and two comebacks from behind to nab three points and take us back above the Boro!

The thing is, it’s matched like that that make me think that I’m missing so much being away from home, or at least a TV. Then I remember that one game in ten seems to be entertaining these days and I’m glad I caught one of them tonight.

The best part was the bar being quiet, but still having a handful of Spurs supporters. Everyone else didn’t support Newcastle, but had a grievance against Tottenham as the supported other London clubs. One Dutch guy won himself 500Rp betting on us to win against a Spurs fan.

After the game, I wandered down the beach to meet Leigh again. She was watching Borat for free at a bar down there and then we walked around a bit while the power died and we discovered how dark the beach could really get at night!

Two more nights here and believe me – we need more. Although I’m about to go next door and berate the people who just moved in as they’re singing foreign drinking songs at 1:30am. I don’t think they know how thin the walls are here.

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