Seaside surrounded by women

OK, that’s more dramatic and egotistical than it sounds. The girl I met at KFC the other night invited me for an afternoon out with one of her friends and her daughter. We were also joined by another girl from my dorm to make up a nice fivesome for a trundle over to Hillary’s Boat Harbour – Kathryn, Madelaine, Anne, Toni and myself.

The weather was great and the Harbour lovely to visit. It’s very much a family day out kind of place with lots for kids to do. A couple of pegged-off bays are available for shallow and safe swimming, trampolines, crazy golf, restaurants and shops. To be honest, we didn’t do a whole heck of a lot but that’s what lazy Sundays are all about!

I got my first dose of HP Sauce in longer than I can remember with a basket of chips and overdosed on fat with a strawberry thick shake then spent $65 on a snorkel to go with my dive mask. Not bad – it was cheaper than the same product in Cairns.

The hours really flew by as we dawdled around trying to make sure Madelaine didn’t get lost before Anne dropped Toni and I back off at the Hat. Tonight’s plan is to catch Smokin’ Aces at the cheap cinema in town before an early night as I have to get up at 6:30 if I want breakfast before my dive tomorrow.

Later that evening

Smokin’ Aces: strong cast, good acting, not a great story, painful twist at the end and incredibly jumpy filming. Not hugely enjoyable. Shame.

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