Brief apology

A day or three ago I got an email from Prashant who looked after Hans and I in Bangalore in January. I think he was worried about me as he’d not heard from me in a while!

In honesty things have just been hectic and I know I’ve been lax in my contact with many of you and I apologise to you all! Sometimes my mailbox just gets too heavy and I let things drop to the bottom, other times I’m just away from the internet for too long. By the time I catch up with my tasks, I don’t have time to mail people.

So – sorry! I’m just rubbish at starting e-conversations! It’s great to know that so many of you take the time to read what I write and anyone who drops me a line (unless you’re trying to sell me pills to make my willy bigger or something) will get a reply, I promise!

Even the ones who didn’t go out of their way to be a superb host and ambassador for his country, such as Prash. Thanks again, fella 🙂

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