Gotta go *sniffle*

Well, this is it. My last day in Hanoi for a very long time. It’s unlikely I’ll make it back here until 2009 at the earliest if my plans for next year come off. I am really, really going to miss this place.

I’m about to pack all my stuff up then go and do some food shopping with my remaining Dong. The bus ride is 24 hours so I’ll need some munchies! I also have to sort out a lot of flights, as Noa needs to know my dates for Israel. So my credit card is about to take a hell of a hammering. Ouch.

I’ve spent the day making sure I’ve caught up on everything else, and walking around with Allan and Abby (as usual, potential apologies for spelling). We’re possibly going to hit the eat-all-you-can chocolate buffet at the Sofitel later on. Well, Abby is – being a girl and all that!

This may be the last post for a couple of days as I’m not sure about internet access in Vientiane. I’ll definitely have it in Vang Vieng though.

Bye bye (again), Hanoi. And Vietnam.

I’m going to miss the d2000 Bia Hoi. I’m going to miss the hustle and bustle. I’m going to miss sitting at an outdoor cafe on crappy plastic stools at 3am eating delicious chicken soup and paying 30p for it. I’m going to miss the colours, the sights, the sounds, the beautiful parks and the smiling people.

I will be back. And I’d recommend anyone to come here. Sooner rather than later, before it turns into another tourist-fest.

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