Open letter of thanks

I’ve tried to email everyone in Oz that I know who helped me on my way over my three trips. Unfortunately I know I’ll have missed someone so I’m popping this message here.

Just a quick email to (hopefully) everyone I know in Oz. And the message is a simple “thank you”.

I’ve had a great trip here and tonight I fly out in a vaguely homeward-bound direction. Part of the reason my stay’s been so good is that the people here have been so flipping wonderful. Helping me out, putting me up, driving me places, showing me things…

I can’t pay you back anywhere near enough for your kindness and hospitality. All I can say is that as and when I settle my travelling backside down somewhere, each and every one of you is welcome to vist and can expect the same level of hospitality I’ve enjoyed over here. Please print this out and use it as proof of my promise! If you can’t manage to visit, send a friend or a relative. Whatever!

Please do keep in touch, do keep reading the blogs and do tell as many people as you can about the Walk.

Again, thank you all soooooo much!



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