A bus! A bus!

OK, when I say “deprived me of the opportunity” I mean “saved my ass”. When we woke, it was to look down the valley and see the same bunch of kids wearing white pyjamas with black belts round the waist wailing crap out of each other.


After showering (2 Euro each, but way cheaper than a room for the night) we packed up and wandered off on what was supposedly a downhill trek. Only we ended up going uphill. What was stranger was that the initially well-marked trail just vanished at one point. We followed crushed grass for ages – where someone else had obviously continued on – but came to a dead end. Eventually, we gave up looking, walked back down and took the road down to Saint Martin Visubie.

We got there in mid-afternoon – too late for lunch and too early for dinner, but just in time for the bus before the one we’d intended to catch. Hmm. Quick beer or back to the flat and a nice shower… For once, beer lost. This is very rare.

I can honestly say I had a great three days. I ended up tightening my belt another notch (I have no notches left and should really buy new trousers) but am more than pleased with myself for managing. My legs hurt but not too badly and my feet are fine despite being cooped in boots for three days. All very good signs.

I’ve learned a few things for the Walk – I don’t need as much stuff as I thought and I am damn well capable of doing it. Oh, and I hate sleeping in tents but the whole Walk isn’t about having fun, it’s about raising awareness and money.

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