Playing catch-up

My last full day in Poland and I spend most of it online. The PC in the hostel was free, it was chucking it down outside and I had a bunch of emails and blog posts to get through.

I arranged to meet a couple of the girls in town again to do a last bit of wandering… and again they didn’t show up! They reappeared later in the day as I was internetting away, so at least I saw them before they got on their bus.

Myself, I was on the 22:55 train to Prague so I waved the Dodo farewell at 2200 and went via KFC to the main station. On the train I shared a carriage with two hungover Scotsmen, Phil and Dom. We had a great natter, and had just enough space for the three of us to stretch out (kind of) and kip. A shame we were woken around six times on the journey by passport control and ticket inspectors!

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