Two more Nice/nice days

This household and hospitality is just what I needed after the recent whistlestop tour around Europe:

Late lies in.

Shopping for camping gear – I now have a nice new stove and scary gas bottles.

Swimming in the sea – while attempting not to ogle all the nice topless women. And grimace at the not-so-nice ones.

We went to see the new Harry Potter film which I enjoyed and my copy of the book arrived from the UK (thank you Gosia – as if your hospitality in Poland hadn’t been enough!) the morning after I found somewhere on the internet to download it from.

There’s a possiblity that I may have sneaked a KFC in there somewhere but it may be a rumour. On the whole I’ve eaten well, healthily and heartily courtesy of my kind hosts. I do need to wolf down some calories and put some pounds on. I’ve recently moved my belt down another notch. I’ll be a skeleton by the time I get home at this rate, though a skeleton with a fine bum.

I’ve made good use of the internet here to plug the Walk. Fingers crossed that one of the radio stations or newspapers I contacted is remotely interested.

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