…and on to Geneva

The next couple of days were more of a blur as I walked on single-personned. I strolled off west through Morges and Rolle, making it to the cute Nyon by the end of the 16th. Here I was to make another slight diversion to my plan, in a bid to provide variety and to add miles.

After a passable night’s sleep on my bedrolls, I checked out the boat times and just caught one at the last minute over to Yvoir on the south bank. This is on the little “peninsula” near Geneva that I was going to cut across further inland had I stuck to the original route. It’s also a stunningly beautiful little tourist trap (I swear every voice I heard was English) on the country/lakeside road to Geneva.

This is the road I followed, arriving in the city centre around 5:30. I had a couch waiting for me with a lovely lady called Daisy just outside the city somewhere so I used the tram and bus to get there.

Her house is way out of town with very little near it, but I wasn’t short of entertainment with 9 dogs to play with! Not to mention the guinea pigs, fluffy cat, chickens, ducks… There was another couchsurfer in residence as well, who arrived later in the evening and we had a great chat before we all headed to our beds.

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