Plodding along Lake Geneva

Not so smart… I seemed to be infested with bedbugs overnight, which was particularly annoying as I’d spent money on a hostel to ensure a good night’s sleep after the recent camping. Instead, I was up and around at 3am trying to find another bed to sleep up, covered in insect bites. Not good.

The breakfast, though, was superb and was “help yourself” so we did. A lot. We still managed to set off at 9:30 with Lausanne our target destination for the day. After conferring with one of the staff at the YHA we’d decided on the north shore as we were promised the view would be better. It’s also a longer distance than the south shore so would help me add more miles.

We had been well informed, and the view was indeed wonderful. Mountains over the lake to the south and vineyards to the north. Little railways ran through them for the picking machines (I assume) and every couple of hours we would pass through a delighful little town by the lakeside where we could park our bums for a while.

At one such place, I think possibly Villette, there was an exhibition of tableware at a local museum. We didn’t go, but instead just marvelled at the huge fork that was just jammed upright into the Lake to advertise it.

The weather was good – perhaps a little hot – and we were weary by the time we got to Lausanne (around 5:30) where we located a hostel and bought dinner from a supermarket.

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