My second ever visit to Germany!

Given that my first was barely three months ago, this was still quite new territory. Last time I entered by bus and left by plane. This visit was to be somewhat more pedestrian.

My first overnight stop was in a small town called Roetgen which lies on the border. There are no signs telling you which country your in, but my host (Manfred) pointed out all the old border lines as we walked to the pub and back. Manfred’s family were amazing hosts. He himself is great to talk to and likes his football (even if he does follow Germany) while his wife makes an amazing chicken curry. The kids were great to spend time with and he has one of the nicest dogs I’ve met on my travels.

It was a shame I was only there the one night, but we made the most of it – much German beer was drunk as Germany beat Romania and England stuffed Russia. I slept soundly in my comfy caravan under a toasty blanket.

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