Nice Nancy

OK, that heading will confuse people. Nice is in the south, Nancy is in the north. I’m using the English adjective.

My couchsurfing host here was Suum, a law student who’s lived in and around Nancy all her life. Even though she’d just moved into her new flat, she was happy to host me and in the first instance was going to give me the whole flat while she stayed with a friend! I talked her into letting me use my bedrolls from camping, and then accepted a fold down bed she went out and bought instead. Talk about hospitality! I did build the bed myself (with a little help from one of her friends) which is cool. Anyone else who couchsurfs there will be on my handiwork.

So, Nancy. What’s it got? Well, a fantastic central square in the old town for one. Place Stanislas is magnificent in all senses of the word. Grand, showy, impressive, clean and bustling. Apparently the council gave it a really good going over a couple of years ago and it shows. It’s now completely pedestrianised and all the walls, paving, statues and fountains are as gleaming as stone can possibly be. The gold paintwork gleams in a more traditional way. Stanislas was actually Polish, and one of the last great dukes in the region. He was a huge patron of the arts and the Place was a way of thanking and remembering him. It’s a wonderful memorial.

I arrived at a nice time as well. I believe a world record was being set for the longest pastry, stretching from the statue in the centre of the square to one of the arches at the edge – 200m long. Either way, I arrived in time to get some photos and a couple of slices!

Suum walked me around a lot of the rest of town, and we saw some nice buildings. A few are original examples of Art Nouveau, so you can blame Nancy for starting that movement off. At least the style doesn’t look as awful as it does elsewhere. The original is still the best.

In the evening, we ended up at one of Suum’s friend’s flats and I got fed, watered, beered, wined and cidered quite well. I felt a little bad as I was expecting to eat out so hadn’t bought anything. So a public “thank you” is required to all those who made me feel welcome!

As ever recently, I’m sure I’ve missed some things out. Sadly, my internet time at the moment is more restricted than it used to be so… *shrugs* I have uploaded a video on YouTube, though.

12 thoughts on “Nice Nancy

  1. Great to see another Polish accent 😉

    Stanislaw Leszczynski was born in a very rich and ancient aristocrat family from Lwow (former Poland). His daughter married king of France and that way he was given a title of Duke. He won twice the election for the Crown of Polish-Lithuenian Commonwealth Kingdom – something that was usually happening only once to each of the electorial Polish Kings.

    Iain, thanks for showing it :)))

  2. Not that you’re biased or anything! I have to say it’s nice to talk to someone who knows so much about their own country – and as a result of that the history of others such as in this case.

    I think I know more about other countries than I do about my own. The “benefits” of a public school education and a history teacher who graduated in (so therefore taught) politics.

  3. you forgot I am coming from a country where past is presence and presence is never considered with future… In my country people look into glorious or painfull past and live in it, and never look into a bright future. eh… sad…
    And yes, Poland always had a colourful and grand past. Lot’s to read 😉

  4. England’s had a pretty glorious past as well. Shame I’ve never been taught about it. One reason I’d like to do another degree as and when I settle down. I’m considering just an un-named “arts” one from the Open University. Some history, some French, some classics…

  5. Iain-professor with thick glasses in square frames reading ancient books *giggle*.
    I actually really fancy to see it ;DD

    new degree – good for you Iain. I only hope you will not spend rest of your life walking or studying…

  6. * being with other people 😉
    * painting house(s)
    * looking for new job
    * going for a drive and horseriding lessons (at one point)
    * travelling (right, you said that already)
    * looking forward to a bright future and to future with someone close to your heart
    * and spend much more time with the family!

    I think that’s it for a second ;-)))

  7. I thought you like painting and helping friends? Or maybe it was someone else…

    And by the way – above list is a short cut of my real one 😉 (unless I decede half way though)

  8. Painting’s fine, but I’m so good that the law in the UK says I have to charge for my services as companies were complaining that I was doing a better job than them for free…


  9. So what is your fee? If it is too overplayed I may do it on my own, you know? 😉

    Women are very good in DIY. Honest!

    But I am sure we can come to some acceptable agreement… And it will be nice to have a helping hand of friend.

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