What is your travel IQ?

OK, it’s not about my travels but it’s fun and educational. And I get to say “been there” a lot of times when I’m playing it! Just click on the map as quickly and as accurately as you can for each of the places that comes up. My score on my first go was 185,028 with an IQ of 93, getting as far as level 6.

What is your travel IQ?

10 thoughts on “What is your travel IQ?

  1. Hum … not too bad!
    My first score is 92 with 179,933 at the level 6.
    The map is too small to get a good localization 😛
    I need more training to get 94 😀

  2. try the flags version, it zooms in on different regions.

    my score is 516,021, IQ 145 … i spent a lot of time trying to beat a mate on this one!

  3. Hum … for a great traveller like you, you could have more with you first attempt 😛
    My best score is 116 after 5 times. I need more training or a best vision 😀

    Ben, I didn’t find the flags version! 🙁

  4. I just got 400833 (IQ 97) getting to level 9 on “Asia”. Strangely I did OK on East Asia but fell completely apart on the North. Too many ex-Russian states with similar names!

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