Dundee, Perth, Glasgow, Durham, Bradford… and back

Just a quick update as I promised to post at least once a week! I’ve been down to my old stomping grounds to visit friends over the last few days. Briefly, I saw:

  • Tony & June
  • Sharon (oh, I wish I could tell you this embarrassing story but I’d get shot)
  • Tracey
  • Kim
  • Steve
  • Nic
  • Mel & Ste (congratulations!!!!!)
  • Ian, Phoenix, Molly and Katie
  • Chris, Lydia, Anna-Louise and Lucy
  • Kim (another one)
  • Vee

I’ve also been a good boy and popped in to see my two grans, as I always do when I’m around Glasgow. Quite a lot of visiting in a short time, and my apologies to anyone I just didn’t get the chance to see. Get well soon, Caz. We’ll catch up for dinner next time if you don’t get the lurgy again!

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