Fansipan again!

Martin and Peiling on FansipanFansipan seems to be the most popular subject on this site right now. I had another series of emails from Martin and Peiling (not sure where they’re from) asking for information before they made the trip. I’m happy to say they made it to the summit and back again to tell the tale!

As you can see from the picture, the weather wasn’t so great for them and the visibility was about as good as I got when I climbed. At least I didn’t get soaked until I was relatively close to the bottom.

In their own words:

We just got back from Hanoi on Friday and had a great trip. We stayed at the Hanoi Backpacker’s and they arranged our Fansipan and Halong Bay trips. The trek was good, we made it to the summit! (see attached picture) but as you can see the weather was not that great. As you mentioned on your blog, the 2nd day is really the tough one. After the hike to the camp at 2200m, I was thinking this will be easy but the 2nd day was really not easy at all. However, we were fortunate to make it to the top at all, ppl coming the day after us decided to not go beyond 2200m because of constant rain.

Halong Bay was very nice as well.

The Backpacker’s organization was amazing and we also enjoyed the 2 days in Hanoi very much. It’s an amazing and very busy city.

Thank you very much for all your help.

You’re both very welcome and I’m glad you had an enjoyable (and safe, though wet!) trip. Personally I just can’t wait to be back in Hanoi again in June!

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