Off the grid

Just so nobody panics, there will likely be no new posts until Thursday or Friday this week. Joleen and I are heading off into the wilds and islands of the South-West this morning and won’t be back till later in the week.

I gather wi-fi (along with running water, combustion engines and electricity) is unheard of in these parts. Regardless, I’ll have my laptop with me so should hopefully be able to get all the pictures and waffle online soon after I return.

If we escape the natives.

2 thoughts on “Off the grid

  1. Just got back from the islands. Wi-fi’s not been available, not seen a TV prior to getting back this evening and didn’t even have electricity on one of them. No complaints, though. Nice to get away from it all!

    Have been reading your blog. Just no time to reply to any of the posts. Currently have around 2500 RSS items to check and got my email down from 60-ish to 15…

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