Experience Bangkok – step by step

Another short post as it was another day with little to do, again due to my sore eyes. The pain had subsided a lot compared to the second day – as I was told it would do – but the lenses were getting very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to remove them, just pop in steril water drops to try and ease it.

We had lunch in McDonald’s which isn’t really noteworthy aside from one small thing that happened. Leah popped to the little stand to get some tomato sauce for her chips, but couldn’t find any paper cups. So she returned to the table sauce-less. Two minutes later, one of the staff walked over with two cups of sauce. He’d seen her, refilled the stand with cups, poured some and brought them to the table. Can you honestly tell me that’s something you’d not be amazed by in the UK? “Customer service” seems to have a different, and much more impressive, meaning here.

Any visit to Bangkok for the first time isn’t complete without experiencing the posh cinemas with their small number of reclining seats. Get Smart was on in one of these and we plopped down our 500 Baht each (pricey) for what turned out to be a very enjoyable film. If you’ve not seen it, then it’s recommended. Funnier than I expected and perfect casting.

Another essential experience is a massage. You won’t get a better one anywhere, so we popped by Miss Puke’s near the cinema for a Thai massage each. It was good to have some attention paid to the rest of my body so I could forget my eyes for a while. Plus, the dark room gave them a rest.

Experience three was a quick trip up to Soi Cowboy. The entertainment there is rather “adult”, but it was a giggle and Leah got to feed a baby elephant (not part of the adult stuff, I hasten to add). The prices for feeding them have definitely gone up (as has everything, to be fair) but she was well chuffed.

Our tuk-tuk driver back to the hostel was a complete maniac. Which for a tuk-tuk driver is a good thing! Fast, bouncy and fun – and a great character. The beer helped cushion my system as I dripped more drops into my eyes and taped on the spotty goggles.

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