Plans for the next few days

Today we popped out to My Son and this afternoon we’ll do the Lonely Planet walk around town. More snaps, this time in daylight.

Tomorrow’s plan is to hire two mopeds and head up to China Beach and the Marble Mountains. Time and weather allowing, also possibly Da Nang.

Day after, early train to Hue where we’ll spend one night before getting the bus (or train) back down to Da Nang and hopping on a flight to Hanoi. This bit’s variable – may spend a night in Da Nang, may not.

We do have flights from Hanoi to Bangkok booked for the 1st of August, though. All these details (and changes) will be plotted on the calendar linked to the side of the main page.

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2 thoughts on “Plans for the next few days

  1. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by again, Blazing. Lots more updates to come. Just need to finish typing the darn things up, get them posted, add the pics… I’d have had more online but for some reason I couldn’t get to my blog for the last 24 hours, though I checked and nobody else was having issues. Hey ho.

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