Round Phnom Penh in a tuk-tuk

Again. As I did a lot of these things last year, there won’t be much in the way of extra details. If you want info on the things covered here, check out the earlier posts (Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng, Silver Pagoda / Wat Phnomh).

Our tuk-tuk driver picked us up around 10:30. We rattled through the Killing Fields ($2 entry), Tuol Sleng ($2 entry), the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda ($6.50 entrey, now with no difference in price if you want to use a camera), Wat Phnom ($1) and sorted a bus/boat trip to HCM City for $40 per person.

For breakfast we went to Rory’s which was recommended by the Lonely Planet. Leah doesn’t like beans or tomato, so I said it was OK and I’d eat them. The staff separated Leah’s brekkie into 2 bits, and brought them out on two separate plates!

At lunch, we had a quick drink at Boddhi Tree where the flavours were good and the service rather poor. It took us ten minutes to get served when there were only three tables in use at the restaurant.

Dinner this evening was at Sharky bar. I had Sharky Club (huge sandwich), Black Panther Stout (excellent), a Cooper’s Sparkling and four shots. Best of which was the Ground Zero – the closest thing to drinking an After Eight ever. On way to hostel we saw great take-out system. As the ground floors of buildings are often shuttered and locked at night, the family lowered money by string to the delivery guy from a balcony. He then tied their food bags to the string for them to heave back up.

Back at Nordic, the staff kindly made us sandwiches for the journey tomorrow to save us worrying about breakfast for our 7am pickup.

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