Plans on hold for a bit

…or subject to a little change. Due to the current political climate in Thailand (i.e. they have another ****hole in charge and they’re trying to kick him out like they did with that moron Thaksin), two airports are closed and the rail network is shut down. It’s very possible that other airports will also follow suit. As far as I’m aware, entering the country is fine just the usual warnings to stay away from large gatherings. I saw one quote on the BBC News where a woman says the protesters at Krabi airport even apologised profusely for the inconvenience they were causing her!

Allowing for the rail network starting up again, my plot is roughly to head for Kota Bharu (maybe through the Cameron Highlands) with perhaps a short sojourn to the Perhentian Islands. This would, of course, involve diving. What a shame. From there over the Thai border and up to Hat Yai and then using the rail network (hopefully) along the eastern side of the country. This also may result in a stopoff or so on the islands of Ko Samui and/or Ko Phangan. Thence to Bangkok.

From there to Ho Chi Minh and perhaps Dalat, then somehow from there to Ninh Binh to see the Primate Centre and up to Hanoi (once more). Ideally I want to arrive in Ninh Binh around the 20th of September. Other than that, everything’s flexible.

In the meantime, I should get some sleep. I have now been awake for 24 hours and 12 minutes. And bizarrely don’t feel that tired. Tonight I’m meeting some “online friends” for a beer. Or two. Or three. Well, it is Malaysia’s birthday, after all!

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