Catching up

Not a lot to report for today. I slept in as I’d spent a lot of hours the night before gassing with first Liam and then his roomie. I managed to get hold of Theresa who I’d worked with in Chamonix last winter and arranged to meet her for a drink and a wander round.

She was over in Putney so I navigated the public transport system and met up with her. Always nice to catch up with people I’ve met elsewhere and Theresa was always one of the people I most looked forward to seeing at the airport on transfer days.

We wandered and I treated myself to a Greggs for lunch before we found a dinky little pub and had a couple of drinks. Well, I did – Theresa doesn’t drink so we sipped on blueberry juice while I enoyed a cider and some strawberry beer.

As evening closed in, I hopped on the train across to Sydenham to catch up with Sami and her mad bunch of housemates. I had picked up my dinner on the way over – a cheap tin of beans from Sainsbury‘s. I’d not had beans on toast in ages, so I thought I’d treat myself!

It was a nice night in. Just some computer games, chat and gaming in the dining room. Check out “Kill the Hippies”, a pretty entertaining card game. I won the first round. Beginner’s luck.

I’d forgotten that when I packed up and got rid of all my stuff all those months and months ago that Sami had inherited my old bed. I slept in it that night! Same mattress and everything. I recognised the occasional *sprongongong* noise it made.

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