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Horace-Benedict de Saussure monument at Chamon...

Horace-Benedict de Saussure monument

Just for a change, I awoke having had virtually no sleep. I tidied my room as best I could and went to hand the key back to Andy. Very kindly, he offered me to help myself to the buffet breakfast so I nabbed a yoghurt and a drink before catching the next train up to the airport.

Nothing exciting about the journey, thankfully. I snoozed for the short flight and landed all fine and dandy in Geneva shortly afterwards. I could have done with a much longer flight to catch up on kip!

I walked round to the charter terminal where I met up with our staff guiding guests onto coaches. One was just about to leave for Chamonix so I hopped on board and – yup – slept until we pulled into the town.

This time I made the sensible decision of dumping my stuff in the flat before getting lunch and then going to the office. Where I remained till the early hours sorting out quite a few issues. As usual.

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