Not doing a lot… and enjoying it

Just another post to let people know I’m alive. I’ve organised a few things, caught up with a couple of friends and hope to see some more before I move on on Tuesday. I managed to book a flight up to Mt Isa which wasn’t cheap, but was by far the quickest method to get there. Around 3 hours including checking in, as opposed to three days during which I’d spend about the same amount of money on food, accommodation and unavoidable transport.

I’m also still pondering where to go after Oz. Dili is tempting, but I’m heading to Bali again later in the year so it goes better with that. Japan’s still very high on the list but flights aren’t cheap. Vanuatu and Fiji have been making themselves known to me as well. Then there’s the Philippines. So much choice!

Well, I should be seeing my cousin and her offspring on Monday. Over the weekend I’m just kicking back with Belinda and Albert. I just found out Elaine is in a cycle race at Mt Cootha on Sunday so I may see about getting there otherwise I won’t get a chance to see her on this visit.

And that’s all she wrote! I’m going to relax and watch the rest of Hogfather with some chips and dip now. Nom nom.

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