2 thoughts on “Shibuya Crossing

  1. Ian hello from a fellow scot…tho’ these daze i live in australia!…i notice at one earlier stage you were thinking’ of doing the Cambodian rail trip from BB to PP…….did yah get there??

    additionally i see your planning a week in Bangkok for eye surgery (lazer??)..cuz from my own eye experience you might find yer eyes take much more than a week to feel half better and being ‘on the road’ whilst yer eyes feel shitty isnt fun….

    but still enjoy yerself..Ive done lots if SE asia – it’s handy when you live in Oz s’pose..

    cheers mate


  2. Hey John. Technically I’m semi-Scot and semi-Taff, but 100% English. Think that makes me 75% British. Or something. Anyway…

    Answer as regards the train trip is “no”, unfortunately. As far as I’m aware the old train does not run any more. I certainly couldn’t get any information about it in the country. A shame. Instead, I got the bus from PP to BB and spent a day going around the countryside up there with a guide on the back of a bike – definitely worth the time.

    The surgery I’m off for is a “top up”. I had mine done a year ago and the right one’s not as good as the left. Left is 20/20, right a little behind. As it’s covered under “warranty” I decided to have it re-done to see if I can get it up there. It’s miles better than before surgery, but could be better.

    Last year I had it done in Bangkok before travelling to Cambodia, down the Mekong, into Vietnam and back to BKK. This year I’ve got a week in Vietnam afterwards. No worries on travelling after surgery – at least this time it’s only one eye! I’ve just had to make sure I do all my diving *before* the op.

    Oz appeals somewhat as somewhere to live, and one main reason is the closeness to Asia – especially with the cheap flights coming in from AirAsia. Frankly, I prefer Asia to the UK/Europe. A lot. Just need to convince someone else that she wants to live in Bangkok as well…

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