Avoid eDreams for bookings


Don’t. Just don’t use this company.

Just a warning to anyone out there. I’m trying to book a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi at the end of the month. Vietnam Airlines have one leaving at midday which is great as I’m due in around 7:00am from London, via Mumbai.

However, it’s around £130 booked direct. I checked using the excellent SkyScanner site and they found me it for nearer £70 through eDreams. I went through the shonky booking system – which changes the pricing twice. The claims partway through of “all fees” being included is a lie as they first of all add some unnamed fee, then chuck a tenner on at the end. Oh, and a surcharge for using a credit card. My £67 fair ended up being a shade over £80.

And that’s not the worst of it. When I booked it, I got a large page which told me there’d been a problem authorising my credit card. I was to expect an email with instructions. In the meantime my flight was “confirmed” – this despite them not having any payment.

Strange thing – I checked my credit card statement online and that sum seems to be sat as a “Pending Transaction”. This means the sum has been earmarked and is classed as “out of my account”. Which means there’s no issue at all.

Despite this, a day later I got an email from them telling me to fax a copy of my passport, credit card front and other details to an international number. Along with this were warnings about flight price increases, promo fares not allowing refunds and so on.

A quick Google found a stream of bad reviews of eDreams. And I mean bad. People in the same situation who’d had their cards charged and received no tickets. Another chap who faxed the details twice until they eventually said that had them… but that the flight was more expensive now and that he would have to pony up the difference or lose the tickets. And the money he’d already paid.

As such, I emailed them on both addresses they included in the initial mail explicitly stating that I was cancelling the order and would not expect any payment to be taken by them. See below:

Regarding your follow-up email, I have no means of faxing to an international number. Also, given my current geographical location I can’t telephone any of the numbers you provided to contact you.

I do notice that the fee has been taken from my credit card which tells me that your email is a lie – there have been no problems with the payment. Having checked online I have found many people with the same issue, and a huge number have not received tickets from you or have been told they must pay an additional fee once they contact you.

As such, take this email to be an official cancellation and expectation of full refund. I have contacted my credit card company and informed them of the dubious nature of this transaction and expectation of the end of this matter.

Half an hour later, I received the following short response:

Dear Customer;

The booking has been cancelled.
If you have more doubts, please contact us the most soon as possible.-

Thank you for trusting in eDreams

I will of course be checking very carefully to see if my card is billed. If so, the lawyers at that company can take it up, or use resources as Kelly White Donofrio LLP to help as well. Their cancellation email is, in my opinion, an acceptance of my terms, to whit a full refund.

I am now booked on an AirAsia flight 2 days later which means 2 days in Bangkok. Not a bad thing, to be fair. I’m sure I can find something new to do. I might even be able to catch a film if the shopping centres are allowed to re-open!

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156 thoughts on “Avoid eDreams for bookings

  1. I had exact the same experience with eDreams.
    I found a ticket from Beijing to Phuket, Thailand which I booked online tuesday just before midnight.
    I recieved the same kind of standard email as you saying that there was some kind of problem with my creditcard which I thought was strange since I got an sms on my cell phone saying that the fee from eDreams had been drawn from my creditcard.
    Because there was only like 36 hours untill the flight departure I was a littel worried about not recieving the eletronis flight ticket. Next morning erupe time. I mailed to all the email addresses of eDreams I could find and nothing happend. I tryed to call them but could not call international from my chinese no. Then I contacted my friend in Europe who called Edreams and at last I got a similar answer like you. One email asking me to fax copy of credit card and pasport and luckely another one saying that I should mail a digital photo whith I did. After about 1.30 hours I got an answer saying that the price now had gone up. Only 7 euros, but any way. It was not my fault that eDreams aprently has a system that is not efficient! Since I had already booked hotel and almost checked out of the hotel where I was already living I accepted the new therms of conditions. At last at about 24 hors later and 12 hours before my flight departure I got my Eticket confirmed.
    Still because all those problems I was so afraid that I would be rejected when checking in which luckely did not happend.
    It is a shame that eDreams works so badly and I do not understand that they do not take any responsibility, but that is just so typically the way things work in South of Europe which is where I understand the company comes from.
    Next time I will use eDreams to find a ticket and then by it directly with the flight company.
    I will sugest eDreams to change their name to eNightmare!

    • Hi Adam and thanks for the comment. At least I know it wasn’t just me (and the umpteen other people I discovered with the same problem after a search with Google). I’d agree with you. Use them to find the flights and then book direct with the relevant airline or another booking agency that are actually trustworthy.

      I can’t believe such a system as eDreams’ still functions in this day and age. It’s simply dreadful.

  2. I got the same problem here, they gave me the confirmation email with the easyjet as the carrier, I tried to get hold of easy jet, no success, they do not answer any questions or can’t get hold of them. if anybody know where I can get hold of easy jet that would be great, But I have to assume that my credit card will be charged and get nothing to show for

    • I think you need to ring a premium rate number to get hold of EasyJet – this is typical of budget airlines, and ends up costing you quite a sum of money. Assuming you can ever call a premium rate number as they’re often blocked on some telephones!

      Try these numbers (all UK):
      01582 525422
      0843 104 5000
      0871 244 2366

  3. It is just so unfortunate and still extremely annoying to know that this experience has exactly happened to so many other people. There’s no way you can make any proper booking with EDREAMS. It is the most ludicrous flight ticketing website we have ever come across. EVER. It didn’t help that we were dealing with ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES (Pls do not even consider this airline too if you are travelling Africa. Their payment sytem is the biggest joke. You need to wait for the agency people till the next working day and/or you will have to visit the nearest travel agency…which defeats the purpose really of why you are doing an online flight booking in the first place.) Anyway, going back to EDREAMS, we ended up owing BT over a 100 quid for flights that were not booked finally and wasted money and time for talking to EDREAMS customer service reps who do not know what they are doing. It was just the most distressing travel planning ever. Mosher is right. Look for flights on EDREAMS and book the flight somewhere else. Life is sweeter that way.

    Note: I wonder how we can warn other online customers against this appaling online business…

    • The only way to warn people is to spread the word. Check out other travel forums where people are asking about online bookings and let them know of your experiences. Shove it on facebook, mention it on Twitter. With luck, the message will spread.

  4. It ia a pity I didn’t come across this sooner! Today I have been booking a flight for my Girlfriend to visit me in Spain. At first I recieved the email with the confirmed booking, but problem with the payment. So whilst waiting for a second email, I contacted my Bank in the UK, and they said there was no problem, the eDreams commission was waiting to be withdrawn.

    So I waited, and received a second email, stating there was a problem, and I had to do a Bank Transfer, which I did (forgetting to subtract the surcharge for using a card!) and then I was supposed to fax the proof of transfer to a Spanish number, only it doesn’t work, and neither did any of the Helpline numbers.
    I eventually found a Customer Service email address, and am waiting to hear from them, if not I will have to ask the Bank to treat it as fraud. I can’t afford to pay for the ticket twice.

    • Phil, it staggers me that this outfit haven’t been shut down. I just can’t believe that a reputable company does business the way they do. I just feel lucky I managed to get my flights sorted elsewhere without these people taking any of my money. Best of luck getting your flights sorted.

  5. Hey Mosher,

    First of all sorry for the inconvenience.
    What probably happened is that the anti-fraud system was activated. To make sure it’s you, the owner of the card who’s buying the ticket and not a thief we asked for additional details.
    If your purchase was cancelled, you’ll receive a full refund, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

  6. I’m always happy for people to have a right to reply, but in eDreams case I think this is trying to shut the gate after the horse has bolted. Also, you’re not taking into account all of the issues raised.

    I’m all for credit cards being flagged in case their’s a problem. But when this happens to a significant number of customers, this causes issues. Especially when your means of dealing with it is to ask for a fax to be sent – not something your average household has access to.

    In addition, I’ve heard *numerous* complaints where the price of the flights has risen during the period where the card was queried and finally getting in touch with eDreams.

    For an online company, this just isn’t acceptable. There are far better alternatives out there where the purchasing process is simpler, more reliable and more transparent.

  7. An Update:

    I heard nothing from eDreams after 5 days, I sent an email telling them I couldn’t wait any longer, and was cancelling the order and wanted a refund. I then bought a ticket on another site, but again there were security procedures as I was paying for the flight, but not a passenger.

    I sent three emails to eDreams and heard nothing, then suddenly I received an e-ticket from them, I therefore thought I was goping to end up with two, but fortunately the other Company got back to me, as the ticket price had gone up, so I was able to cancel that.

    eDreams, totally ignored me throughout, and it was just fortunate that it worked out in the end.

    I would never use eDreams again for a booking so close to the date of travel. Whilst I appreciate the card security problem for them, if they request a Bank Transfer and they are given proof of that, then not to issue the ticket immediately is inexcuseable.

  8. @Mosher We understand your stand and respect your opinion. We are working to improve our services, so it’s useful and constructive that you share your experience with us.

    @Phil: Glad it all ended well and again, sorry for any inconvenience we might have caused. You can also get in touch with us quickly (for urgent issues) on Twitter @edreams_en.

  9. I am experiencing the same problem right now, trying to buy a ticket from London to Copenhagen! I live in London and want to go away in mid August
    I received a cancellation email, I have written to them but no response yet. Thanks very much for sharing your experience. I am going to check my account and buy my ticket from another company. To be fair I never had similar problem with eDreams and have been a regular customer for a few years.

    • Hey Mehdi, fair comment about having untroubled service from them in the past. It just surprised me how many people *have* and their unacceptable (in this day and age) methods of dealing with such problems.

  10. Hi edreams_en, I am about to book a flight from Liverpool to Kaunas for 13th of July. Though, after reading all this feedback, I started having second thoughts. I am a very busy person, and I will definitely not going to have time for sending all this information and everything.

    How sure can i be, that I will receive my e-ticket straight after paying for it withou having to go through all the silly checks and everything? I mean.. I just want to enjoy my holidays that just started, and having to cope with stress about all these troubles with payments is not the best way to start it.

    Best regards,


    • Am I the only one amused by the fact that eDreams are using my blog to respond to customer issues when they (I would assume) have the customer’s direct contact details to hand? The majority of complaints are related to a lack of ability to contact eDreams and a lack of response from them once contacted. Yet post on here (and I repeat – I have nothing to do with eDreams) and they seem to be replying!

  11. @Mosher
    Hehehe yes that is really hilarious amusing! I was even more amused about that eDreams asked Mehdi to contact them through Facebook to get info about his flight statusLOL!!!!!
    What kind of a serious company do this?

    I am so happy by the fact that more and more people get this information about our bad experience to prevent them to get the same.

  12. @Mosher:

    Yes, i do find that amusing too. This is probably a sleeky way to “fix” their reputation, since I am sure someone from within the company has pointed out about the kind of feedback they have received on your blog.

    But yeh, I suppose I will just go for a different company. I suppose it is easier, faster and cheaper to pay extra £20 or £50 for the ticket, instead of having to chase it and spend the same amount on phone calls, fax fees, etc.

  13. @Mosher It’s very easy to generalize based on one experience. What we’re saying here is thank you for pointing that out and sorry for the experience. However, should you have gone through with the booking, you’d had simply travelled to your destination safe and sound, as thousands of people do with us every year.

    We are trying to do our best and attend everyone as fast as we can. This is why we’ve recently started to be more active on Twitter and Facebook.

    Hopefully this way every eDreams costumer can get a fast reply on his and her issues and we can avoid situations such as the one you described in your initial post.

    Our Twitter account is edreams_en and you can find us on Facebook if you look for eDreams International.

  14. Hey edreams. You’re right, it’s easy to generalise on one experience, but when I *had* that experience, I searched online (as did the other people posting here) and discovered that I was not a unique case.

    I could *not* have gone through with my booking as your company a) didn’t respond to my emails and b) were asking me to provide documentation via fax to an overseas number. I didn’t have access to a fax. Hell, there was no reason to demand copies of my documentation anyway as far as I could see – no other agency before or since has required me to do as you asked. And believe me, I’ve booked a *lot* of flights online!

    As such, your service at the time was simply something I could not recommend to anyone.

    You may well have improved as time has gone on. The fact that you’re actively chasing up responses on blogs such as mine indicates that this could well be the case. However, I notice that I’m still getting fresh comments on here from other people who are still having problems so it seems you still have some work to do 🙂

  15. Fair 🙂 and thank you for the benefit of the doubt.

    We are actively trying to find new ways to deliver a fast service to everyone and hopefully issues like the ones mentioned here will be addressed much faster.

    • Im sorry edreams but you HAVENT IMPROVED and this is 1 and a half years later. I have just experienced the same thing as mosher, luckily you guys were not able to process my payment. I have responded to the email saying i want to cancel my booking. if you see this please cancel my booking ref: YOJGVM

    • Such cynicism! If you truly wanted to improve service you would give internationally available clear phone numbers on your site, you would answer the —- phones when called, you would reply to emails within minutes or hours & not take a week if at all reply. You would stop stealing money from people too.
      In brief here’s my experience. They show cheap prices on their search forms. The “final billing” page of the shopping cart shows that (supposedly) you will be charged that cheap price.
      When we got the bills (YES BILLS NOT BILL) at the credit card company it was more than twice what they claimed it would cost!!!! They added about 47% to the claimed price on one bill then they had the airline charge for the flight as well as if they did not get payment from us. Some urgent calls to the airline got us that double billing back but the thieves still ignore our requests for refund of the extreme surcharge. NOTE TO that nowhere on their site did they admit that they will be adding such to the bill.
      Also we had to call them by overseas phone to get the confirmation & then again to receive the e-ticket. When I got the e-ticket I noticed it was for 47% more than shown on the website & the “final billing” page.
      By that time (with all the waiting time & the impossibility to cancel online) it was too late to cancel. They did not answer the phone again, they ignored further emails about the excess surcharge for several days. When they finally replied to my emails they claimed they have service charges & will not refund them. There is no mention of service charges on their site PLUS the internationally accepted service charge is 7% not 47. They did NOT reply to all my emails. It took involving the airline & the credit card company to get back the double charge from the airline. eDreams still is stonewalling my request for refunding the 47% surcharge! They still owe me $92. That’s not to mention all the time & phone calls.
      BTW “Easyjet” airlines filed complaints to regulatory agencies about edreams bad business practices.

  16. Hi edreams,
    Will you please cancel my reservation for Flight 6TJ3JY as I am no longer interested. The idea of faxing over my credit card details along with copy of my passport seams to me a bit odd and not secure. I always book my flights online and never came across this kind of issues. Therefore I prefer to book my flight elsewhere.
    Following up the above, I just would like to confirm the cancellation of booking 6TJ3JY. I have spoken to my bank and they assured me that £160.64 is pending to leave my account. I have booked my flight with another airline now and paid for it. Will you please make sure that I have £160.64 amount fully refunded to my bank account otherwise I would report this transaction as a fraud. Many thanks for your understanding.

    • Olena – good luck with that. They seem to be using my blog as a problems forum. Sorry for the delay getting your comment up, but I’ve just got back from holiday and I’ve not been online for a week.

  17. Same here, edreams messed me about, no confirmation of the flights due to ‘payment problem’, premium rate numbers to call if you want to complain, and they did charge me the £37 administration fee!!!!!!
    AVOID At ALL COSTS!!!!!!

  18. hi there,we have booked with edream 1month ago and we and we fly in 10 days and we havent recived the etickets yet.i am dead worry as i try to check my flight on line and i cant find it at all.e dream team doesnt reply to us,we shoped at bellair sh.p.k.with a balkan flight which seems not to exist at all.good we spent a lot of money as we are 5 persons,all family.what to do now?????

  19. I have just encountered the same problem from edreams. I have booked a flight yesterday using edreams and almost immediately they sent me a message telling me they may have encountered a problem with my credit card and will send me a second email informing me of how my ticket can be issued.

    I later received an email from one of their agents requesting photocopies of my credit card and passport – confidential information I will not give any website. So now I just emailed the agent to cancel my reservation. The best part is – he’s on vacation – a day later. His reply was an automated, “on vacation” message. He redirected me to edreams customer service, which I am currently waiting a reply from.

    • Good luck with that, Fatma. I’d also contact your credit card company to ensure eDreams don’t take any of your money in the meantime.

      I notice that the chap from eDreams who was responding on here said that this kind of thing shouldn’t happen any more with their new systems. Well, it’s obviously not working!

  20. Apparently not. I’ll contact my credit card company by Monday and make sure no money has been taken. The problem is, the flight is tomorrow, and I still did not receive a reply.

    Funny thing is, even if I did send the edreams agent my credit card scan he wouldn’t have received it until after my flight had departed. I’m never using edreams again.

  21. Yes, I think others have had just that issue as well. And even if they did get your details, they reserve the right to raise the price because of the time it’s taken to sort it all out.

    I’d not use them again either, hence this blog post.

  22. Btw guys…just an update. My husband has just had to cancel his card as someone booked a flight using his card somewhere in Paris! The card in question was the one that was used in booking flights to Africa on eDreams. It was the first transaction ever with that card and the date when the dodgy booking was made was around the same time we were having problems with payments on that dodgy website. Not only you get horrible situations with eDreams, you get hunted by them too. Pls make sure your card statements are free of such irregularities. Good luck guys!

  23. Thanks M. If you use credit cards online it’s *always* worthwhile checking statements carefully. Hell, if you use your card at all it’s worth checking. When I was living in Bradford, a lot of students started to spot quite large sums of money vanishing from their bank accounts. Police traced it to a dodgy attendant in the local petrol station/24 hour shop right by the university who’d bee “skimming” them.

  24. Btw, congratulations Mosher on this blog. Seems that your followers and unsatisfied eDreams are expanding. Hope this becomes useful for others as well. 🙂

  25. edreams more like enightmare! my partner and i booked our tickets to fly from stansted to albania, one with with belleair and the return ticket was with Albanian airlines. going out was fine and coming back on the 30th July we were notified that they were no longer flying to stansted and albanian airlines had notified edreams (they showed us this confirmation) however edreams had failed to notify us of such cancellation. albanian airlines could not get us a flight back to the uk that day, they could not guarentee when, could be the next day or the next week. we tried to telephone edreams to sort out some flights but they put us on hold for 17 minutes, passed us to various operators, even a spanish speaking one and then finally after speaking to the 4th one and advising them of the issue they hung up the phone! we had to fork out 607 euros to purchase new tickets and an extra £65 when we got back to uk as we flew into gatwick and our car was parked at stansted. I spoke to someone on Sunday from edreams who was rude, have filled in a complaint form but have not heard from them yet!!!!! i hope this never happens to anyone ever again. Not only are we out of pocket now for the rest of the month, they are now ignoring us.

    • Giovanna – that’s terrible. I’m wondering if there’s some agency you could complain to who could take this further on your behalf? Annoyingly, in the UK at least, ABTA will only deal with companies who you book full holidays though, booking flights only usually means they don’t care.

      I do note that someone from eDreams was reading this blog recently (go through the comments) and responding with excuses. I’m curious to know if they’ll respond to yours. That’s unforgivable 🙁

  26. I just wish i had seen this blog earlier.. there’s no way i would have used edreams. They also changed the price when we were booking saying prices had gone up, we should have known then. Hopefully we will get refunded by Albanian airlines for the cancelled flights,i have already emailed them as edreams are not responding and see what happens with a compensation but things aren’t looking great at the moment.

    • Giovanna – if you have a blog or a facebook or whatever, please spread the word as much as you can. With it being summer, I’m finding this post is getting a *lot* more hits than usual, so I can only hope it’s saving a few more people from problems. Best of luck sorting out some recompense.

  27. Ahhhhh it’s all too late! I should have done more research!! I too have been scammed! I am also waiting for a confirmed cancellation request with no reply. My reservation number is YKWUEZ.

    • Wendy, don’t panic. I don’t think eDreams are a scam as such. They’re just shit. Chances are you’ll get your cancellation but as with others I would advise you to contact your credit card company and tell them that the payment is in dispute.

  28. So today I got a facebook response saying that edreams has already refunded my money. My credit card has yet to show the charge or the refund! I have shopped on the internet many times and have used several other travel sites to book tickets, and this is the first of its kind that I have encountered!! Hmmmmmmm…

  29. One previous commenter mentioned that they had taken an outbound flight with eDreams and then struggled with their return. From that, I guess that eDreams are a genuine company… just not a very good one.

    It can take time for transactions to show up on credit card statements as well, so it could be that they are telling the truth.

    How they run a business when they’re spending so much time refunding money, though, is beyond me.

  30. Just helped a coworker visiting from another country to (hopefully) disentangle themselves from an eDreams mess. Hopefully her card will not be charged. She accidentally mixed up her passport and credit card numbers when filling out the original form, which may have been a blessing in disguise. At least now they can’t charge her.

    This site just screams scam, even if it may not actually be one. NONE of the phone numbers work (as in, they aren’t even valid numbers). E-mail inquiries just rattle off those same bogus phone numbers and offer no help. E-mail has been sent to cancel the reservation. I am appalled that sites like this will try to scam international travelers.

    • Nobiquin – thanks for updating me with your (fortunate) friend’s issues. I had no idea the numbers weren’t even valid. I surprises me that some people have even managed to get an on flight after booking tickets through this lot.

  31. I too have had dreadful problems with edreams. The jury’s out on whether they are wilfully fraudulent of wildly incompetent but either way they should not be used. I used them last week to book a flight to Amsterdam. The following day we received am email saying that there had been a problem processing the booking and requesting email or telephone notification of all our credit card details, passport nos etc. We immediately emailed to cancel the order. They emailed back verifying cancellation at no charge. The following day however the amount was debited twice from the account although one was described as a debit and the other as a correction. Despite repeated emails they have still failed to rectify this, so I have paid DOUBLE the amount for NO FLIGHT tickets!!!

    • Angela, my advice to you is the same as to others. Contact your credit card company and tell them the money has been taken against your wishes and that the transaction is in dispute. Many will refund it immediately, especially if one is marked as a refund and it’s gone the wrong way!

  32. From doing my (obsessive) research for my travel plans, and wanting to use eDreams because the rates were the best, I went ahead and booked. I got the same issue that many others have experienced that there was a problem with my credit card. Luckily (thankfully) my bank (Bank of America) seemed to think it was fishy and put a hold on the transaction and declined it. I then searched the web and saw nothing but negative reviews on eDreams. I decided to go back to Kayak.com and found the same flight for an even better price (well, it was just minus the eDreams fee). The Kayak.com took me to booking at Orbitz and it seems on the up and up and the same exact flights I need. (I also had success at finding flights on Travelocity via kayak.com when AirMalta website was not working). I just received the Orbitz confirmation so hopefully it’s all good!

  33. I had the same issue with them this morning 09/19/11.
    After booking my flight for the next day, I received an email saying that my booking was pending “We are currently checking a problem we have detected with your bank card during the payment process. As soon as we have verified that everything is correct we will send you a ticket as indicated below. If it is not possible to complete the payment with the credit card provided we will contact you by email to inform you of how your ticket can be issued.”
    Because I was going the next I needed to know what was wrong and when I tried to call the number on the website it was a non working number 1900 945 1999.
    My bank told me that they have charged it and then removed the charge right away, and my bank told me also that they won’t charge me because they removed the charge. 10 hours later, they sent a confirmation of booking!!!! It’s just big scam this company!
    I am disputing this charge. Never seen that!!

    • Join the ranks, Linda, and thanks for adding your voice. Please do spread the word and point people here for proof that the company are dodgy.

      As I stated recently, their spokesperson who piped up on here recently seems to have gone very quiet again.

  34. Tks Mosher. I will definitely spread the world! Besides isn’t there an association that protects consumers? I’m surprised that they are still around ! Fake number !! grrr Let’s hope my bank understands it’s a scam cause I disputed the charge…

  35. Not certain if anyone from Australia has posted a complaint yet but to share my experience, I was very close to submitting my credit card details for a flight from Sydney to Melbourne when I decided to check the flight plan and the edreams site advised that I would be flying “Trans Brasil”- I had never heard of this airline so with some quick research I found out they had ceased operation since 2001?!

    Is it just me or is that incredibly lazy deception on edreams end? I’m completely relieved they will not get a cent from me but a little disappointed I have provided them with all of my personal details including passport number.. And does anyone even know how to unregister from their site?!?!

    These guys… How do they still exist? They must be making a killing just for milking phone support. I truly feel for other travellers that have learnt the hard way with this company & lets hope they all get what they deserve soon.

    • I’d not noticed an issue with the airlines before but part of me would be tempted to put it down to them just being bloody useless than deliberately fraudulent. I really can’t figure out if they’re trying to rip people off or if they’re just crap.

  36. I too have been dooped by eDreams, they “stole” an extra £179.79 out of my bank account and then charged me £55+ to phone them to complain about it and try and get my money back. The first phonecall ended with them saying the money will be in my account on monday, tuesdays
    phonecall, I got cut off after waiting 15 minutes for a decision, when calling back, the rude lady I spoke to blamed me for the call costing me so much. When I asked for a call back, she informed me they do not have the facilities to do this. So instead I am now waiting for a confirmation email to state if I can have my money they “stole” back or not!!! Not impressed, think Watch Dog may need to hear about this!

  37. Hi
    I booked a flight with edreams yesterday. Everything seemed to be okay and I just decided to do a background check now. (a bit late I know!!! I heard of them a lot in the past and just assumed they were a reputable company.) Should I be worried now? Is there any particular things I should be checking out?

    • Well, going by the past comments there *could* be an issue with any flights that are changed but most of the issues seem to be with people actually getting their payment accepted and flights confirmed. Fingers crossed for you!

  38. I was trying to make a booking for my flight, apparently I found out that the airlines meant to operated was trans.brasil which is no long existed, since then; I have questioned myself if this website is really exist or is it just a scam fraud, yes it’s a SCAM + FRAUD!!! Well, I have provided them with all my personal informational details like home address, email and even my passport number, anyone think, that would that be safe for me??? what should I do then???

    • Michael – someone else (was it you?) mentioned something about Trans-Brasil in an earlier comment. I do wonder if this is just a cockup on eDreams’ part or deliberately misleading/fraudulent. Nobody has *yet* reported problems financially after paying for a flight, just trouble making bookings and organising changes in flight details.

      Fingers crossed for you. Do keep your eyes open and let me know if anything dodgy does happen.

  39. thanks a lot for you support!!!
    i don’t worry much now, as i only provided them with my passport number, name, phone, emails and basic address, but didn’t continue with my booking neither provide them my credit card account.

    i was just an intimidating experience!!!
    well, now i believe there is no such cheap thing or a free lunch in this world!!!

  40. Ya hopefully I’m one of the lucky ones!!! I’m flying with Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand , maybe I should contact them to double check that the booking is lagitamite? Will keep ye posted 😉

  41. Just to let you know I checked with both my airlines and everything is ok thankfully. Thanks for the advice, and sooy you all had suck bad experiences 🙁

  42. Amy, thanks for letting us know. I do believe that eDreams are a genuine company and not some rip-off scam. However, they just seem to be a very low-tech, unreliable company – which is almost as bad.

  43. Just to add to the list – my son had exactly the same experiences – booked the ticket then was asked for copies of passport and all credit card details. He tried phoning e dreams to check this out – BEWARE – the calls are to 0900 numbers and cost you £2 a minute! He ran up a £14 bill just trying to confirm his flight but in the end was suspicious of the lack of straight answers so he cancelled the credit card transfer with the bank. I would suggest using a more reputable website – this seems to be a scam to extract money from you one way or another.

    • Thanks, Paul. The numbers I got when I booked were all in Spain, I think. If they’re moved on to using UK-based premium rate numbers then they’ve stepped up their game.

      Spread the word!

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  45. Another nightmare: Flight cancelled from St Etienne (France) to Istanbul on October 3 without any notice. Relocated on the same flight on October 5 at my express demand. eDreams Staff fully incompetent if not agressive to relocate you. Avoid any eDreams booking.

    • Thanks, Didier and I hope you made it to your destination eventually. All these comments will, I hope, help keep this post fresh and warn people of this rather dodgy company.

  46. I paid 700 for one way ticket to sydney. I rang the airline to see and found that the company had not been paid by edreams yet money has been taken out of my visa card. I have tried numbers given to me from etiad but they are not working. I hope i get my money back otherwise my lawyer is getting involved!

  47. Once I have bought two tickets in edreams website and guess what.. At the airport we were told that we hadn’t paid for the luggage and we had to pay if we wanted to register it. When I was buying tickets I haven’t seen any notice in edreams website, that baggage fee was not included and that we had to pay additional fee. So, we had to pay 30 eu for one piece of luggage at the airport. After returning home, I emailed edreams but they have blamed me for the accident as luggage policy is available under General Conditions. I have replied them that EU regulation oblige them to communicate price supplements in a clear, transparent and unambiguous way and other vendors clearly show that the price is without luggage price (i.e. check easyjet) AND that I had tried to read General Conditions but it is just impossible to read it in time (booking transaction just timesout and form has to be filled again). Do they think it is appropriate way to notify about such a important thing like additional price for the baggage? They haven’t reacted to my second email and my money was gone, of course.

    But it is not the worst.

    Next time I was foolish enough to buy tickets in their website again. This time we haven’t been admitted to the flight. The girl at the airport told us that she could not find us in the system and that the reservation haven’t been made! I called to eDreams customer service but there was no one on duty there. We have shown her the email from edreams with all the information about flight, but she couldn’t help us. We had to buy another tickets and fly the next day! We had a lot of inconveniences because of this, so I’ve emailed edreams again demanding a refund. But they have stated that it was our fault, because we got only one email from them with all the flight information, but it was not the ticket and we had to receive another email with the tickets (which we haven’t gotten, of course). They’ve told us that it was our fault that we haven’t gotten these tickets and that they will not refund money for us! They have offered us to use edreams 10 euro discount to be used for the next time DD How ironic is that?????? I will never ever use this edreams service again. I’ve already told about them to all my friends and I will write about them in every travel and services website. People should know about them. I hope that crisis will affect these scammers.

    • Flowere – awful story, especially the second one 🙁 Do keep posting things like this and don’t stick with just my blog. Get the word around about how awful this company is. I’m staggered that they haven’t gone bust, but it looks like their business practice is keeping them in money: take money from customers, don’t supply tickets. Pure profit, and in my view theft. Possibly fraud, I’m not a lawyer. Either way, abysmal business practice.

      There must be some kind of organisation that can be contacted about this, especially as they are Europe-based. Anyone know of one?

  48. Terrible site! I booked through them with Lufthansa, they then cancelled my booking without warning, I only found out when I went to check in on line WITH THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER THEY HAD SENT ME and found out that the booking was cancelled.

    I called them to complain as rebooking the flight last minute was going to cost £450 for a flight to Munich which I booked a month ago for £80! No were to complain, so I filled in a complaint form and Stuart Brown (Customer Services) wrote back offering me €7 compensation! that’s about £5!

    I was forced to book an easyjet flight at a higher cost than my original ticket, leave work early as the flight departed earlier and fly from Gatwick instead of Heathrow, so had to foot the Gatwick Express expence as well!

    Totally dishonest! DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THEM EVER!

  49. I am in a nightmare of a position. I purchased flights from edreams, return flights one with easyjet and the other with monarch through their website for myself and my two children on the 11th of January. I had the same thing happen, their system crashed while I was putting payment through but then I got the confirmation. they had only gone and booked me returning to an airport not of my choice. I rang them immediately and they confirmed they were at fault and I would receive a full refund and they would cancel the flights. I therefore rebooked the flights direct with the airlines (for a cheaper price I might add). To this date (9th Feb) I haven’t received a refund. when i call them they say it is pending and they don’t know why. they won’t help me. I filled out their claim form online and that was 2 weeks ago and still have not had a response. the flights were nearly £500 and I cannot afford to lose this money. I don’t know what to do. I am looking into my legal position but I would warn anyone to STAY AWAY FROM EDREAMS! They are horrendous. I will never ever use them again. Absolutely no customer service whatsoever. Rude on the phone and dismissive.

    • Tania, if you have something saying they’re liable and are just awaiting a refund then take it up with your credit card company (assuming you booked it through one). They should happily refund the money and chase up the dodgy, untrustworthy arseholes that run eDreams.

      Emily – annoying that ABTA etc. don’t cover direct flight purchases despite a lot of pressure after companies collapsed recently. I’d consider small claims court if there’s a case there – check it out online. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to use, but it’s worth a look.

      In both cases… thanks for at least letting people know and hopefully help warn people away from this pathetic excuse for a company.

  50. Welcome to my Edream-NIGHTMARE
    I have booked 4 return tickets to Madrid from Dublin, they have us going out on Air Lingus and back Ryanair. No issue using different airlines but having filled in one form on the Enightmare web site you would imagine that when they data enter to the airline they would not change the sex of one of the people traveling!

    Ofcorse it would be on the Ryanair ticket …and it’s for a child.

    So.. Twenty minutes combing the documents I find the Ryanair change details if they are wrong page, surprise surprise €110 to change Mstr to Miss (I kid you not) well its not my fault said I when I called… Not ours either say the airline an frankly it’s not – it’s bloody Edreams and so I call them in Spain and get “you must call the airline from the first two, then I am put on to Cristine Rocha who having given me the same response puts me on hold or 26 minutes while she calls the Ryanair rep ( having accepted the fault was not Ryanairs nor mine ) but she wouldn’t accept it was Edreams even though the Airlingus ticket was correct)

    Eventually I am told by her that she has spoken to he airline and that it wasn’t important and everything would be fine. So I ask her to email me with somthing to this effect along with the details of who she had spoken with and a contact no if I am held up at Madrid airport by one of Mr O’leary’s minions telling me my 10 year old daughter can’t fly and if we don’t we loose our flights (normaly done with a manic laugh at the end) She agrees and sends the following-

    I have passed your coments on to the airline, your contact is John.

    Strangly, I was not impressed and replied requesting further contact details and confirmation of her “it’ll be alright on the night comment” the following day I had had no reply and so I sent a copy of all emails to the address given for alterations and cancellations and still nothing so I rang again and was given the runaround by 4 people and put on to someone else who told me she would ring me back (having put me on hold for >18 minutes)

    At 1827 GMT sge did so and having told me she couldnt contact Ryanair the phone went dead and her couldn’t be called back when I tried.

    Edreams you have picked the wrong person my title is not medical it’s political and I work in the Hague. They have untill 1500 hours GMT tomorrow Friday 10/02/2012 to have this fixed without further contact from me. The legal myer I will visit upon them should we have a problem will generate more publicity then they could ever buy and none they would ever want.

    • Three new comments in one day – I guess people are booking for holidays at the moment. I recall this happened last year sometime.

      Another awful story, Dr Keating, made all the worse by the fact that it involves another of my pet hates: LyingAir. I sincerely hope that you can use any political influence you may have to force this atrocious, unreliable company into the limelight and (with luck) out of business.

      Remember my original post. I didn’t even come out of it badly. I was *very* lucky judging by the many comments which have followed. Obviously I hope your daughter is able to get on the flight, but do keep passing the message on to everyone you can (internaal bulletin boards, email friends, post on consumer sites, etc.): eDreams are *not* worth taking a risk with.

  51. Hi

    Thanks for the advice. I did pay by credit card but have nothing in writing from edreams saying they were at fault, it was all verbal. I have completed the dispute forms with my credit card company but without written evidence I am not sure they will reimburse. I have taken the advice of one of your other bloggers and posted a detailed message on their Facebook page (incidentally there are loads of other messages of complaint on there) and will let you know if I get anywhere. Here’s hoping all is not lost.

  52. Tania – I’m sure someone back in the list said their credit card company had had had so many issues with eDreams they just took the case on board. I could, however, be mixing then up with A1 / National Van Hire on my other blog…

    Either way, good luck. I’d point your credit card company in the direction of this blog (and anywhere else you can find) as evidence that the company is dodgy.

  53. Hi there
    some progress has been made with edreams. I have to say, they seem to respond to posts on their facebook page. I firstly rang both monarch and easyjet who said the original flights had been cancelled and no payment had been taken so edreams still had my money. I telephoned edreams after this only to be told it would take up to 6 months to receive the refund, the airlines had the money and hadn’t refunded them. I pointed out that i was the customer and as it was their error I should be refunded and they take up any issues with the airline. I then told them that i had called the airlines and been told the flights had been cancelled and no money had been taken. Still no response so I then threatened edreams with legal action and also informed them that i work in publishing and will be reporting my experience through my publication. That didn’t do much either, the response was they would speak to their supervisor who I then asked to speak to but the phone was promptly hung up. I then went back onto facebook and had a bit of a rant about how they wouldn’t give me the money back and how rude they were etc etc. I then got an email saying that my case was very complicated (how complicated could it be) and they thanked me for my patience and I would get a refund but to please wait. Another facebook entry saying i got your email but it is a generic email saying i will be refunded, i want a date and proof in writing that this was your fault and the exact date my account will be credited. I received this from them about half an hour ago:

    Dear customer,
    We write to you in reply to your claim no. 356031 in order to inform you that we have refunded you the amount that you were charged for the reservation that finally was not confirmed. Below you will be able to see the details of this refund and we recommend you to check your bank account: (bank details and confirmation it has been refunded)
    We apologize for any inconveniences this might have brought to you and from the Customer Care Department, we would like to offer you a bonus discount of 10 € to be used in a future booking. After making your reservation online you will receive an email with the locator number from the reservation, you will need to send us an email with this number and we will discount the value you were given from the final price. It is valid for one year.

    Kind Regards,
    Inma Gómez
    Dpto. Atención Cliente
    601 World Trade Center N, PL6
    Moll de Barcelona s/n
    08039 Barcelona, Spain

    I have to wait around 3 days to see if the money materialises but I now have it in writing that they are refunding. I have to say, I won’t be taking them up on the 10 euro offer off my next booking. there will never be another booking with edreams. I will let you know if i get the money. I however, recommend all of you to post on their facebook page. You will need to make it as a comment to one of their posts. They clearly don’t like the negative comments. Here’s hoping that money will be in my account in a few days!

  54. Tania – glad to hear there’s some progress! They did actually post responses here for a week or two, but got bored of it. I think mainly as all they did was tell people that they weren’t that bad and that we should all just ring them up.

    Fingers crossed on the refund, and I appreciate what you mean about not using them again despite the voucher. I did the exact same thing with National – I’d not even give the vouchers to someone I disliked.

    That fact that it’s taken a facebook post to get a response is a joke.

  55. Hi there
    the money is back on my card as of today! Yippee!!! It seems if you post on their facebook account they take notice. I feel lucky to have come through unscathed! Thanks for all the advice and support. It was good to vent and to hear other’s peoples views. I see Mosher you are from my hometown of Glasgow 🙂 Nice to have support from a fellow Glaswegian! Thanks again and good luck to all still in battle.

  56. Good to hear, Tania and we’ll see how long that avenue stays open for complaints before they start ignoring it…

    I’m actually adopted up here. I’m a Geordie by birth, of Scots and Welsh parentage. Settled in Glasgow as my fiancée lives here (although is from Edinburgh!) 🙂

  57. Your credit card company should be able to help if the booking error is the fault of eDreams. Just dispute the payment.

    As for the phone charges, I wonder if there’s a case for the small claims court as your costs are the result of their ineptitude.

  58. Hi Quinrun
    Go onto their Facebook page and start posting comments. Keep posting negative comments (you will see lots on there). They don’t like the negative exposure. Good luck!

  59. Hi
    Search on Facebook for edreams international. They have a page. You can start a post but you can comment below an existing one.


  60. Stop moaning people! Non of you looked for free number which is there on eDream home page (0044)0844338830), and they never charge you any extra without your permission. they take extra security measures by asking copy of your ID and credit crd to make sure that some kind a terrorist is not sitting next to you. As far as I looked everyone got their fly any way. …its just I never had any problems with them, and I tell you I’ve been flying with them dozen of times.
    all the best

    • Anchito – a few points:

      1) 0844 numbers are not free. They’re “local rate” which is a misnomer in itself as they cost significantly more than ringing a *genuine* local number, especially when calling from a mobile or overseas. In fact, some services will block you from calling them if you are not on a UK landline. Hardly ideal if you need to ring them to sort out a problem whilst abroad.

      2) They request for ID and credit card is ridiculous and not done by any other travel company of which I am aware – and I’ve used loads. The old “terrorist” excuse won’t wash with me, I’m afraid.

      3) Not everyone got their “fly”. Please read the comments, and my initial post. Some people were stranded, other people had flights booked for the wrong dates, others turned up to find that the tickets they held were invalid.

      I’ve used a lot of airlines and booking agencies over the years and I have *never* encountered so many complaints and poor service issues with a single agent as I have with eDreams. Nowhere near close. So I think the people who have complained on here (and on numerous other blogs, forums and the like) have every right to complain. When something goes wrong with a flight booking, it can have a tremendous knock-on effect which can be both emotionally and financially draining. Perfect grounds for complaint and moans.

  61. Personally I FEEL SORRY for all of the people who are working for that boring, indiscipline, dumb and untrustworthy organization right now, especially who are on the phone services, I was too furious reasoning with one of the agent, but she remains stable and calm, and her voice sounded irresponsibly and neglectfully as it was from the beginning, then I realized she had already had experiences on hearing such a complaint like this a hundreds of time already.

    And it also seem to me that the SEPERATE LAID-BACK TEAM on FB who motivatedly posing wonderful pictures around the world and their same old reassuring comments about checking the complaint cases are just “deliver the news” brainless people.

    Well my problem is that I received 3 different emails asking for copy of ID and card. One is customerservices@edreams.com, two others belonged to their agent’s private mails. I replied to one of the agent, she remains dumb until my status updated on the system as cancellation due to lack of supporting documents. They blamed me on not sending the copy to documents@edreams.com. See ?

    Edreams team, if you can reach this, work on the case. My booking ref. is 5G6A6R. I paid by Mastercard, if there’s ever money coming in the bank would call me promtly. I had my transaction for the whole month of May,there are only deduction, mind you.

    • eDreams did start posting on here (and on other blogs / forums) about a year or so ago, trying to respond to customer problems. However, the fact that they were resorting to this shows that the issues had already become far worse than they should have. You’re right – the staff just don’t seem to care and that’s the attitude I’ve had from the entire company. They can’t do their job properly and it’s *your* responsibility to push them to fix it… and pay premium rate phone charges in doing so.

      Sorry, but they’re in the service industry. They should be providing a service and they aren’t.

  62. Nous avons réservé 3 mois avant deux voyages pour un congrès en Grèce par l’intermédiaire de E Dreams d’un prix d’environ 600 Euros. Le congrès a été annulé un mois avant le départ. E Dreams a refusé de nous rembourser une partie des billets(proposition de nous donner 58 Euros diminué de 35 Euros de taxes). Des collègues ayant réservé directement par Air France ont été totalement remboursés.
    E Dreams sont des voleurs et en plus très grossiers car ils ne répondent pas à nos mails.

    • Courtesy of Google Translate, the above comment becomes:

      We booked 3 months before two trips to a conference in Greece via E Dreams of a price around 600 Euros. The conference was canceled a month before departure. E Dreams has refused to refund part of the Notes (proposal to give us 58 Euros to 35 Euros decreased taxes). Colleagues who have booked directly with Air France are fully reimbursed. E Dreams are thieves and also very rude because they do not respond to emails.

      Merci, Jean Pierre!

  63. Hi,

    Well, I´ve always booked with eDreams and I always had a good experience.

    It´s just another website, but it works quite good. The problem is that when a person books, they do not read the general conditions and they do not check before whether the airline conditions allow changes or cancellations.

    In eDreams conditions, they say there´s a fee if you wish to request any refund, etc.



    • Their customer service is simply abysmal. Read some of the complaints from people. They’re not all about being charged to make changes. There are missing tickets, mis-booked seats, cancelled flights, tickets for flights that don’t exist (and never existed), rude staff, unanswered emails, requests for faxed documentation which are not made clear at the time of booking – and then demands for more money once said documents are received.

      I appreciate they must have *some* happy customers or they would have gone out of business long ago. However, many people have suffered huge problems as a result of there unreliability and uncaring attitude when things go wrong that I could never recommend then to anyone. Well, not to anyone I *like* anyway.

  64. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, I booked a flight with these scam artists. First I have gotten an e-mail that there were issues with my credit card what a joke. Then they needed a copy of my passport and a copy of my credit card faxed. I am a veteran traveler and never hear this before and cancelled my flight. Rude customer service and no one speaks English. After I threatened with a lawsuit they cancelled everything. CROOKS ALL THE WAY.

  65. Just a quick thanks for the heads-up; not one I’ve any experience with so I thought I’d look into them first and very glad I did!

    Would definitely rather pay extra for a known quantity rather than save a bit now but risk being ripped off shortly after!

    • You’re welcome, Kay. While they do have some satisfied customers (a small handful have defended them on here) it’s the kind of thing you don’t want to take a chance with, as there are so many possible knock-on problems. Yes, avoid them.

  66. Looks like I have also been ripped off, was booking flights last night for my daughter and friend to go to Portugal in Aug, used two different cards as they said my time had ran out and my card had not been debited LIARS checked online banking this morning and over £400 plus a £24 and £58 transaction all pending has been taken from 2 different a/cs. What I thought was strange when they asked me for my passport number, I have booked many flights on the internet and have never been asked that before, edreams now have all my personel details scary stuff. I have just called the *strange number* they give on their website and was told that my money would be back in my a/c by Mon, dont think so somehow, how do these people get away with this!!!

    • If they’ve promised a refund, then it’s worth informing your bank also. You don’t have as much protection with debit as you do with credit cards, but it’s still worth making sure your bank are aware of “dodgy” charges.

      It doesn’t surprise me that their online system is ropey, given how abysmal their customer “service” is. Spread the word that they’re untrustworthy and hopefully stop any of your friends getting caught out by them!

    As with others above and my complaint below – seems MANY MANY people have had the same or similar experience.

    Customer service is crap – rather non existent when it comes to getting a resolve on a mistake eDreams have made….

    As others have pointed out – eDreams is a third party and you can’t rely on the advertised price being the price you pay.


    My eDreams nightmare went like this….

    I originally booked my tickets through eDreams at over $200 cheaper than other websites. They took my money from my debit card (where there were sufficient funds to pay for both mine and my partner’s tickets, plus some acccommodation I was booking etc). For reasons unknown (they said they suspected an “error” on their website) the transaction incurred a problem, so they reversed it – however they did not release the funds back to my debit card immediately. When they went to debit my card again, there was not enough funds to cover the airline tickets – which in total was over $2,000 so the transaction was declined.

    My bank, seeing that there were funds taken twice, considered the transaction suspect and as such, put a “stop” on my debit card (effectively meaning I could not use my card at all until I spoke with the bank).

    That resolved, by the time eDreams had released funds back to my account so that the transaction could be made, the tickets had gone up, but they quoted the increase in EUR dollars (approx $164 EUR) and I did not check the conversion.

    When I looked at their website again, to check their current price on the tickets, they were still $50 cheaper (each) than other sites – (in AU dollars) – thinking that this current advertised price, listed on their website would be what I would be charged (and equivalent to the conversion of the EUR amount they quoted) I said go ahead. EDreams debited my card again – however, they debited an amount that was over $200 more for each ticket than I had originally booked the tickets for.

    I emailed with a complaint and was told to call their call centre (which is overseas) – I called and was told to email a complaint – this happened several times before I realised they were not going to do anything about the problem and not interested in providing customer service.

    All in all, I paid more through eDreams than I would have through another website, because of their website gliche and the cost (in time and dollars) of all the emails and telephone calls to try to resolve the matter was not worth the time as they kept brushing me off.

    I would avoid them at all costs in future.

    • As with all the other people who’ve had problems with is pathetic bunch of useless money-grabbers, I recommend you spread the word. Thanks for posting here and please continue to let others know on other websites as well. eDreams truly do suck the big one.

  68. I think I have the same problem today. I was told that my return ticket to Amsterdam was not confirmed due to some problem of identification with the bank and was told to scan an id card and my visa card to them. I checked my bank account and the money had been earmarked last night after I booked the ticket with Edream.com. I sent them the copies to the address instructed and two emails were returned with failure notice. So what is going on actually? I think I should cancel immediately with them and tell my bank to stop the payment as well. Plz give me a piece of advice. It’s really frustrating.

    • I would do exactly that. Cancel the payment with the card company and inform eDreams as best you can about your decision. They’ve not said they’ll sell you the tickets until they get the details from you and they’ve made that impossible. Therefore the sale isn’t complete and you can cancel, as I did and as many other people have done.

  69. I have exactly the same problem.. unfortunately I haven’t seen this side before 🙁
    I booked a flt, got only a booking info email and then the one to send all information as credit card/passport etc and they are saying there are problems with my card … I talked to my credit company and the transaction is in transit.. thats so frustrating!! I send them a cancellation EMail now and hope they will reply and accept it.

    • Evidence is that they should cancel the order, but the fact remains that this situation shouldn’t have arisen in the first place. They’re a shoddy company with some “unusual” (to put it politely) business practices.

  70. Why don’t one or more of you who have had problems ask ‘trading standards’ or your local ‘citizens advice’ for help?

    They may look into your problem.

    • A fair point, Peter. In my case I was outside of the UK when I made my booking, and when I (eventually) got it all sorted. I’m also not sure how much leverage trading standards or the CAB would have with a non-British company. The next best thing is to at least make sure people are aware of how dodgy this company are and simply avoid them in the first place.

  71. I just booked a flight through edreams, and was informed I would need to send a wire transfer because they couldn’t process my credit card. I called the phone number listed in their email as their customer support desk, and got a phone sex line. I double checked the number, and then called my bank’s fraud line to cancel the card.

  72. I had to laugh the other day (actually nearly fell off my seat laughing) when I received a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” from eDreams!…. lol

    I did the survey and told them how dodgy they were and that I am doing everything I can to ensure others are informed of their dubious, underhanded ticket booking system…..probably shouldn’t have bothered wasting my time as it seems they are quite happy with the way they operate (as can be evidenced by the string of complaints above – dating back more than 2 years) – so it seems clear they are not interested in improving their operations and customer service.

    I too am outside UK – otherwise I would be taking the matter up with all relevant consumer bodies. I am, however taking every opportunity to post the above review on as many “SCAM WARNING” and “RIP-OFF REPORT” sites as I can.

    In case anyone missed the warnings above.

    eDreams is a SCAM. Avoid them at all costs!

  73. THANKS!!

    I was just about to book my family holiday with eDreams. I had entered my payment details, passport info…..when my Spidey sense told me that something just didn’t feel right.

    I googled “Are eDreams legit”, and thankfully ended up here.

    Long story short, I exited the site and have gone with BA. $300 more expensive, but I know they are kosher.

    Thanks all, sometimes the only power we have is the power of choice. You guys just lost them over $6000 so hopefully that makes it worthwhile.

    Good effort


  74. I only found this website after booking a ticket, with them. I have received an e-ticket from them and found the booking in the airline I am traveling with. Should I be worried?

  75. oh no ive fallen into the trap. i just booked a single flight from Rio to Buenos Aires and have received the same message of a problem with charging my bank. Im sure ill be getting the same messages of sending faxed copies of cards and passport. ive sent an email asking for my booking to be cancelled.

    I called my bank and they said the service charge fee was attempted to be charged but couldnt due to a ‘machine error’ – they said it looked like a cash machine.
    Unfortunately i made the payment using a debit card instead of a credit card (stupid of me).

    can i call my bank (lloyds tsb) and tell the fraudline that I want any future charges from this company blocked?

    • I would say the answer to your last question is “yes” based on the earlier evidence and the fact that a foreign company are suddenly asking for faxed copies of documents that no reputable organisation would require. Feel free to point them to this blog for evidence of other people who’ve been conned in the same way. I would say you’re OK though. If they’ve rejected one attempt at payment then eDreams (probably) won’t try to do anything else until they get the fax anyway.

      You’ve emailed them to cancel, contact your bank and ensure they’re aware that you have cancelled before payment has been taken and therefore that any future attempts should be refused.

      • well ive emailed the documents email address to cancel and any other email addresses i could find; im hoping for a response.

        called the bank and they said they cannot physically stop an authorised transaction. only thing I can do is to raise a dispute if they do take money out after being notified of cancellation. the agent said that it could be that their machine didnt work at the time or that the bank didnt receive enough details. which doesnt stop them from trying again…

        anyway i did receive the email saying the payment couldnt go through and asking for passport info etc so hopefully they will stop there.

        but if anyone has any email addresses to contact them please let me know!

        • From what I’ve been told in the past, simply raising it with the bank now will help in a dispute should one occur as you can say that you pre-warned them. If you have a look through the posts above, you may find an email address somewhere which they respond to. I know several have been posted on their site, though they change all the time.

          You should be OK. The steps you’ve followed have worked for everyone else I know who’s found themselves in that position.

  76. Hi there,

    Please tell me who you emailed as I have tried emailing all of them and i havent recieved nothing. Im gettin very frustrated as they have taken the money out of my account but saying that they havent. They’ve also tried taking it out again letting me know they are a scam.
    Please let me know who to email asap.

    Thanks 🙂

    • You’ll have to dig through the comments or check the original article. Sorry, but it was around 5 years ago that I dealt with these muppets. You may have luck scouring their website for contact details, but I know people have mentioned trying some of these and getting no reply :-/

      • Yeah i cant seem to find anything… ive even tweeted them facebooked them tried calling those joke of numbers they posted. I cant believe this is happening and at the worst possible time too. The first trip me and a girlfriend decided to do and were so excited about for over 2 years now has just been ruined. By eDreams because they have no conscience. I hope and pray that one day they will get whats coming to them.
        Should i just give up on trying to get my money back as noone has gotten back to me in the slightest but YES they have taken my money from my account 🙁

        • All I can suggest is to contact your bank / credit card supplier and report it as a fraudulent transaction – see if they can recover the cash. Feel free to point them towards this forum (and others I’m sure you can find online) pointing to the many people with the same issue.

          At the end of the day they’ve taken your money, haven’t supplied what they said they would and cannot be contacted. A decent credit card company will refund and chase it up themselves. If you have proof that they’ve tried to take money twice and have a copy of any emails saying that they reckon they’ve not taken the money, keep hold of them and send copies to the bank.

          • I’ve just had the exact same exprience with eDreams. I selected and paid for flights, only to receive a notification telling me that my flights were confirmed pending payment. I then did a quick google and stumbled upon this site – which then prompted me to call my bank. Turns out eDreams had charged my card, the bank had approved it, but then eDreams reversed the charge. I’ve now emailed them alerting them to the fact I’m aware of this potential scam – and that my bank will block all future transactions from them. I can’t believe these problems are still occurring when it’s evidence the company has been well aware of them for years now. It’s a shame sites like expedia and skyscanner keep using them in their service – they should be banned!

          • I often wonder if what eDreams does is actually illegal or if they’re just crap. If the latter, then Skyscanner etc will earn their commission on any tickets which do go through properly (and I’ve heard of that happening) so they’ll keep them on the books.

            However, it is possible that they’re not aware of how atrocious eDreams are. I wonder if it would be worth an email to such companies… Hmm… After all, the bad reputation or poor service provided by a company they link to could reflect badly on the search engine themselves.

          • After 4 days I finally received a reply from eDreams regarding my booking which they failed to issue tickets for. They denied there was a problem on their end with rejecting my payment, despite my bank providing me with evidence they did. They then suggested I call there $3 per minute help line to find a solution. I find this completely unacceptable. What kind of reputable booking agent would take 4 days to respond to a booking issue which was their own fault? Who in their right mind would wait that long to see if they were actually going to get the tickets they booked at the price they’d been quoted and accepted to pay? I certainly didn’t. Nor will I bother making any response to them. This company is an absolute joke, and I’m in two minds about reporting them to our consumer watchdog.

          • The answer to your first question is – or should be – none of them. But eDreams are showing themselves to be anything but reputable. Please do as I’m sure you’re doing and spreading the word about them so that people go elsewhere!

          • No worries, Imy – thanks! Always worth knowing. Of course, this kind of contact information should be clearly available on their website, and it still doesn’t explain their weird/dodgy way of doing business.

  77. Thank you for this blog. Saw an “unbelievable” return flight to hawaii from Australia. (About half the usual price.) After deciding the dates, just felt a bit uneasy about the company and decided to google edreams. Sooooo glad I did. Am not going to Hawaii now, but think I have saved myself a lot of anxiety. Thanks again!

    • You’re more than welcome, Susan! At the end of the day, sometimes you do come across a genuine bargain. Other times, it’s just not the risk – and when that risk involve flights it starts to become too big a risk to consider. Just glad I managed to help potentially save you from a lot of heartache!

      • I’ve a positive with e-Dreams. I’d just booked 2 tickets to HI, USA in May. The only inquiry was identifing my profile on passport and credit card, thanks e Dreams France. !!!

        • I’m sure they must get things right occasionally or they would not be able to function as a business. However, I have heard of people (go through the comments) who thought they’d successfully booked only to get to the airport and find out that things weren’t as “organised” as they’d hoped…

    • If you’ve had no reply from them, the first thing I would do is contact your credit card provider and make sure that they know that the transaction should be cancelled.

  78. I have just had similar experience with eDreams i WOULD NOT RECOMMEND using their service. The fax infomation and details they are asking is something that is done at the Airport checkin desk if required they over complicate things unnecessarily so best to avoid using eDreams for booking your flight etc.

  79. Oh dear. Like many others I wish I had seen this sooner! I purchased a return flight to New York on Friday and have received confirmation of my flight and what I believe is an e-ticket but it really does look dodgy. They even spelt my name slightly wrong (I have emailed them requesting it to be modified but I don’t know whether it has) I then received an invoice today for £17.90. I don’t know what I was charged for, but what I’m most worried about is whether my flights will be cancelled or whether they have even been booked in the first place. I purchased with a debit card and had no problem entering my details so I don’t know whether they will send me the security check emails but I’m so worried now. I’ve called up the bank and they say that the payment is pending and that it cannot be cancelled. Now I need to decide whether to e-mail edreams and try to cancel or to hold out and find out whether I’m one of the few lucky ones. I would prefer to cancel however I’m worried they will cancel the flight, but won’t refund my money. What should I do?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      • Hi Yvonne,
        Everything turned out OKAY in the end, at least I hope so. I flew to New York in September (on a different flight that I had booked with another airline–the e dreams flight I booked is for my journey back to New York after returning home to the UK for Xmas). I left it a couple of months when I got to New York, still with a ticket with my name misspelt. I then called edreams every day for about 2 weeks trying to get to the bottom of the problem. At one point they said they would refund me without me needing to book a new flight, another time they said there would be no fee involved, and then another time after that they said there would be. I was getting different bits of information every day. In the end the only option I had was to book a new reservation with them for exactly the same flight, with the correct name. They agreed they would refund me the price of the original ticket but only after I had booked a new flight. It was a gamble but I wasn’t left with any choice. I booked a new flight and they stuck to their word and did in fact refund me a few weeks later for the original flight. My flight is actually in a few days time and everything seems to be fine so fingers crossed there won’t be able problems at the airport. I think I have been very lucky, but have learnt to definitely research a company before buying tickets from them! and nothing is ever as cheap as it seems. I’ve ended up paying more than I probably needed to but thankfully not too much more. I hope whatever problem you are facing with edreams will also be resolved.

  80. I advise you to use the airline’s website of your choice directly. No need for edreams or any other website. Their ultimate goal is super mythical profit with no remorse nor regret. And above that, costumer service staff are arrogant fascist stuffy beings.

    I’ve been waiting for them to refund my ticket since 28/01/2014 because of a strike in Paris airport. The airline company refunded the ticket on edreams account and still no transaction is made on my account till the very moment.

    Needless to tell you about customer service attitude and call costs to “disfornicate” my situation!!!!!!!!

  81. Hi Mosher, I fully support your remarks about eDreams.flight, since my experience with them are exactly what you exposed, and after seeing the many bad experiences by so many, it can’t be by chance but a fraudulent behavior to cheat.

  82. eDreams are crooks. They claim to be the cheapest, but cunningly add in a massive service charge at end which makes them the most expensive. Booked a break to Amsterdam for 4 with KLM flights and a B&B hotel. I confirmed a package at £1093. The site was sending “timeout” messages, obviously to rush you so that you don’t notice that the final cost in small print at the top of the screen is £1218, when you click to finally confirm. There is no explanation for the extra £125 they have added on. When I finally got through on the phone, all I got was different explanations from different staff: service charge, booking fee even shipping fee! They are based in Spain. My Co-op credit card company were useless. eDreams have been highlighted by Which for their dodgy practices. Don’t touch them with a barge-pole.

      • Be warned — after they booked the wrong flight for me, (which they said wasn’t possible on their website) I spent an eternity trying to get a refund on their advertised line. I don’t think I will get the refund off Easy Jet- and then got a warning text from Vodafone about my unusual charges. I had racked up a bill in excess of £158. that was earlier today. I’m not sure that it’s the final amount either. Don’t phone them!! And certainly don’t deal with them. I’m about £500 out of pocket.

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