Apologies to commentors

Due to a technical cockup, I disabled the commenting yesterday or the day before. It’s now been sorted. Annoyingly, due to how I did it you may not have noticed that your comment wasn’t posted. I only spotted it myself when I when I was responding to a very old post and saw that the address bar went to a “…#incorrect-captcha…” page . Which, unfortunately, looked exactly like the normal page with the comment missing.

Thing is, I don’t use a CAPTCHA on this blog as I’m struggling to get a good one that works with the template.

On the positive side it meant no comment spam to deal with…

The other positive side was that the 10th was one of my highest viewed days in a long time and I spotted that people do seem to be making use of the old posts. However, there are links to the old format pages still on some web sites (with “.html” at the end of the addresses). I’ve just fixed my .htaccess file so anyone clicking on these should be redirected to the correct new page.

Yes, it’s gone midnight. Yes I’ve been working over 16 hours today. Yes, this is what I do to relax.

I’m a geek, deal with it! I’m currently a geek with one of the best office window views in the world, so it does have its benefits!

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