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As most of you are aware, the house is up for sale and I’m disappearing off to climates and pastures new for a year or so. Before I do, there are a load of you I’ve not met and a ton of you I have but want to have a last few beers with. Some dates are sorted, some aren’t.

London’s now a definite as I’ve booked my train ticket. If you’re around that weekend, please let me know and beer can flow! I’m also looking for somewhere to stay… Although one very kind individual has offered to take me to the airport on Tuesday for my flight.

The dates after arrival in Thailand are subject to change, based on flight prices, crash space availability, and how long it takes me to get bored of Asia. See the following posts for my more recent thoughts and ideas.

Feel free to add to the comments if there’s somewhere you reckon I should add, or if you want to head for one of the dates already announced or under discussion. Crash space is at the discretion of those who live there. If you prefer pretty pictures to lists, check out my online calendar and look for the little globes.

  • Feb 4/5 – Stoke
  • Feb 11/12 – Cambridge
  • Feb 18/19 – Middlesbrough
  • Feb 23/24 – Glasgow and Perth
  • Feb 25/26 – Newcastle
  • Mar 4/5 – Cardiff
  • Mar 11/12/13 – London
  • Mar 14 – on a plane to Bangkok
  • Mar 27 – Laos
  • Mar 29 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Mar 31 – Melbourne, Oz
  • Apr 6 – Sydney, Oz
  • Apr 9 – Brisbane, Oz
  • Apr 17 – Auckland, NZ
  • Sept – Japan

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog

  1. Hey, you’ll be in Melbourne! (I’m living near there now – Geelong, down the bay a bit) Great! Do you need accommodation there, & in other cities in Oz? As I can probably organise some through my networks.

    Anyway, hope to catch up with you while you’re here!

    Lucy Z

  2. Lucy,

    I’m sorted for Melbourne but it’s always nice to have someone else to fall back one! Also, I’ve got friends in Bris who’ve said I can stay with them for a week.

    Sydney’s the one I’m struggling with at the moment, but I really only want to spend a couple of days there. Any help appreciated once I sort my dates out!

    I’ve got no means of contacting you (your Blogger profile’s not public) so if you could drop me a message using the “contact me” link on the right, it’d be great to chat 🙂

  3. Hey you!

    Really hope you have a wonderful time. I’ll be checking your pages for updates and want to know every little detail.

    If you have time when you’re oop north give us a shout or pop in for a cuppa!

    Enjoy yourself

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