Today I have mostly felt rough. All I can assume is that it’s a combination of a very late night 2 days ago, and running around for an hour playing football the morning afterwards. I’m very dehydrated and my stomach’s just not happy with me to the point where all I’ve eaten today is a slice of bread and half a packet of Oreos.


I did, however, pop up to Blue Dragon again and retrieve some software. I promised to get a lesson plan down to them in the next day or so. The aim is to teach the kids how to use Dreamweaver MX to create and edit web pages. All good skills for children these days, and it lets them be creative. I write it up in English and Tho translates the lesson plans into Vietnamese.

Tho, incidentally, was the “referee” who also played centre forward for the opposition on Sunday. Despite this, he’s not that bad!

In good news, our aircon and hot water were sorted this afternoon. I think a fuse had blown and both were on the same circuit. The hot water was no big deal – the third floor showers were fine – but life with no aircon’s awful!

Seth’s passport finally reappeared from the Indian embassy, so I think he’ll be off tomorrow night if he can. Indian visas take around 8 days to come through, and he’s virtually been going stir crazy in Hanoi.

4 thoughts on “Urgh

  1. Glad you’re feeling ill, you deserve it for inflicting dreamweaver on another generation of victims. Teach the poor bastards to code properly damnitt! Don’t cripple them with that tripe!

    Seriously, though, hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Given that the original option was to teach them FrontPage, I think they’ve gotten off lightly…

    The kids are aged 6 and up, and virtually none of them speak English. Dreamweaver’s as good a place to start as any! Walk before you can run and al that.

    I’m feeling a ton better today, but not eating yet. Need to work on the appetite after having next to nothing for the last 2 days.

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