No real plans today as I checked out at 10:00 and my bus to the airport isn’t until 23:40. I realised I’d lost my cap (it was a freebie) so decided to head into town and get a replacement. On the way, I stopped off at another hostel and sat on the pavement outside. Leeching someone else’s wireless is so satisfying! That’s where I’ll be uploading this post from.

I found a cap shop and bought one of their cheapest ones for $3, as well as a sew-on patch for my rucksack, two postcards and the first souvenir t-shirt of my entire trip. I also found a bookshop, but managed to stop myself going in.

The plan for the aftenoon was to go to the museum with Jeanine and Jason, but we all split up in the town centre and I never found them again. I need to locate Jeanine at some point as my bags are stored in her room!

Well, I’ll sign off from Darwin for now and hopefully will have time to post from Sydney tomorrow, before making my way over to Christchurch. Right now, I’m off for a drink. Just water, I’m parched!

Also: update to the Accommodation Page.

Also: photos of Bukit Timah national park added to Fotopic.

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