A day in Sydney

 Well technically, slightly more than a day but only just. I landed around 7am and left at 9am the next morning. In the meantime I’ve pretty much seen all of Sydney that I’m bothered about, including the double-decker trains which were quite a surprise.

 It’s a nice enough place, but there’s just not much going for it as far as a visitor is concerned. I admit I’d like to go back just to see the wildlife park and perhaps a museum, but I’ve been round the obvious having done a boat trip around the harbour and taken far too many pictures of the bridge (the Tyne Bridge is still better) and the Opera House. Accompanied by a guy from California I met at the hostel, I also went up the Tower (Aukland’s is better) to get some aerial photos. This is much cheaper than the bridge climb – $19 as opposed to $195 which, frankly is extortionate.

Dinner was nice, especially for only $6 in a pub near the hostel. However, post-dinner was best as the hostel I stayed at (YHA Central) had a plung pool and sauna, plus a TV room where people were watching an episode of Family Guy I’d not seen.

 To be fair, I think a lot of the problem was similar to that faced by people visiting London – Sydney’s just so damn expensive. Heck, at least in London most of the museums are free.

After a 6am rise, I got to the airport in good time for my flight and for the second time in a couple of years was “randomly” selected for explosives testing. I don’t wear a turban, so I can only assume it’s the Newcastle shirt as I was wearing the same one last time (Manchester 2 years ago). To top it all when I arrived in Auckland, I had my luggage rummaged through for drugs as I’ve been to Thailand. The fact that I’d been there in March and had, in the meantime, spent 6 weeks in NZ and in Vietnam seemed to escape the customs folk. Not to worry, at least they were really pleasant and polite. In fact, I had a good chat with the guy who was checking my things out and he didn’t even care about the three bags of dodgy DVDs I had in my rucksack.

 My main concern was Rob waiting for me in the arrivals hall as it meant he was stood around for an hour. But, typical Rob, he was fine about it.

I’m now at Pam & Rob’s for 2 nights with some little excursions until I head south again on Sunday night. I shall spend a lot of that time playing with their new kitty!

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8 thoughts on “A day in Sydney

  1. beards – just say NO everyone!
    (I do)
    (well, with the help of my friend mr Wax, hehe)

    off to the joys of 2.5 weeks holiday tomorrow, south west of france and north east spain, bonjour and hola to you all

  2. Wow

    You are truly on a world tour.

    Congrats on traversing the planet all the way to Australia.

    Bon Voyage for the rest of your travels. Your blog is fascinating.


  3. JJ – nobody asked you 😛 Anyway, Charlie the little dog on China Beach loved my beard. He kept trying to eat it. And one girl in Hanoi couldn’t stop stroking it. Unfortunately, she batted for the other side… Enjoy your holiday!

    Trevor – I’ve technically been *past* Oz already as I flew direct to NZ from Vietnam and then back a couple of months ago. I’m also now in Christchurch, NZ, and will be back in Oz again in about 2 weeks! Silly concert dates…

  4. Ah

    Fond memories of New Zealand. Parents moved there in 1964 and we left in 1971.

    If you ever get to Auckland and pass through Milford, say ‘hi’ to it for me!

    Highly unlikely you’ll pass thru but who knows

    Happy travelling.


  5. I met one of my uncles in Brisbane last week for the first time in a few years. He has a ponytail.

    I no longer have the beard. I got too many jokes in Vietnam about how I looked like Ho Chi Minh.

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