Haven’t I been here before?

One word of warning: much as I think the train system in Melbourne is good, the timetable I had lied and said that the train I caught from Ben’s would stop at Spencer Street (or whatever it’s called). Nope, it stopped at Flinders Street which meant a 15 minute walk with backpacks to the other station and the SkyBus. Never mind, at least it was a nice day. So with Slayer destroying my eardrums, I made the plodge.

Perfect timing, at it happened. I arrived just in time to get my ticket and jump onto the bus. The queue at the airport for my flight was pretty horrendous, but meant I didn’t have to mope around for too long afterwards. This was good as I had barely had 3 hours’ sleep and didn’t want to nod off and miss the plane! On board, I got talking to a girl from Melbourne (actually very near where I was staying with the Luxfords) who was heading to Brisbane for a presentation before being transported back home the same evening. So a quick “hello” to Elise for the company and chat on the flight! Next time I’m in Melbourne, I’ll give you a shout.

Belinda and Albert were working so I have them a call to let them know I’d arrived. I was planning on heading into the city to get keys from Belinda, but instead I was told to head for another station. Albert drove out to meet me, drove me to the house and dropped me off during his lunch.


Have you any idea how much I have to do for any visitors when I’m back home to rebalance all this karma?

I spent the rest of the day recuperating and chilling out after the lack of sleep the previous night. We did make a dent into the wine I’d bought at the Luxfords – a very nice red indeed!

2 thoughts on “Haven’t I been here before?

  1. Your hospitality Karma is onl being touched on the surface, the amount you have done for others… really, this is only a small amount of kindness back at ya!

  2. Just feels like I’m being paid back a huge amount for not doing much. Mind, Ben did say he’d made huge use of nice people in the US.
    Maybe have to head there on the way home!

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