A plea for help

Some of you may have heard about the recent hurricane which tore apart Manilla before making its way over the sea and hammering into Vietnam. It’s a piece of fortune that, the last I read, only 6 Vietnamese people had been confirmed dead – the Philippines wasn’t so lucky. However, many more have become homeless.

In addition, a street children’s centre in Hue is currently missing its roof, a picture and further details of which can be found on the Blue Dragon blog. The has a loose connection to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation who I did some work for recently. Mike from BDCF is currently trying to raise some money via their website to help rebuild the school.

So, folks. I know it’s pushing for that expensive time of year. I know you get a gazillion people asking for money in the streets and through the mail every day. But if you can spare a few bucks, please pop by the above-listed page and make a donation via PayPal – you can use your credit card if need’s be. You can specify that the money’s for the school rebuild and Mike will take absolutely no admin charges of any sort. Every penny you give will be sent to Hue. And don’t forget that because of Vietnam’s poor economy even a small donation from you will make a difference.

Thanks, people.

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