Giving in to capitalism

Sorry, folks. But with being on a finite budget and having a couple hundred hits a week on here, I bowed to the ease of adding some Google ads. They’re in the right hand column below the calendar, and at the top of the page. If you see anything there you’re interested in, please give them a click as I get paid on a per-click basis!

Also, there are links to Firefox, Picasa and the “Google Pack” utility suite. I do use all of these, they’re all free and I can certainly recommend them all. Plus I get a few bucks if you download and install them via the links provided 🙂

Finally, I’ve added a search box which will allow you to find anything on the web, or on this blog. If you use it to search the entire interwebnet, find an advert and click on it… then I get some *kerching*.

Or send me some money. I take pretty much any currency though US dollars seem to be useful everywhere in Asia! Just have a shufty for the PayPal button down the right hand side. If your donation is large enough and you include a mailing address, I will send you a postcard from the next convenient location! Please note that I do get hit for PayPal charges and can’t transfer amounts less than £20 into my bank account. This doesn’t mean you have to give me £20 (though it would be nice), but that it may take a few donations before I can get hold of your money!

2 thoughts on “Giving in to capitalism

  1. Hey pardner – I fancy gittin me one o’ them there new fangled postcard thingies so keep your eyes peeled for some Paypal beer tokens winging their way to you sometime soon…

    It gets better in time, honest.
    Not saying how MUCH time – but sooner or later.

    In the meantime – BEER!

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