Passport nightmares and missing PADI

As I’m writing this a huge weight has been lifted from my mind, but I’m still on tenterhooks. I finally got through to someone at the Indian Embassy today (after three phone calls and around 30 minutes on hold) who told me that my visa application has been approved and that my passport was put into the post yesterday. Thing is the express delivery guarantee doesn’t include the Northern Territories, where it’s a “minimum” 2 working day delivery window, so tomorrow is the earliest it could arrive.


No mail had arrived today, despite the “express” envelope used. I even went to the Post Office on the off chance that it had been delivered there, and not quite made it to the Cav yet. I check out tomorrow morning with a 3am flight on Thursday. If the passport’s not in the mail then… that flight is non-refundable.

Definitely into “have to see” territory. If it doesn’t turn up, then I may just head to Sydney for a week to see Michaela (makes a change to heading to Brisbane again!) or loaf up here and get Sharna to show me around Darwin! At least I know the visa has been granted. I just need to ensure I’m in Kuala Lumpur before the 12th of December.

Also in the mail is my Advanced PADI card, which I believe my folks posted early last week by airmail. That should take four days. Don’t you just love postal services? A girl in my room here sent a didgeridoo home to Holland four months ago and it’s still not got there.

Well, I’ve spent around four hours typing up the last week’s-worth of posts. Now I just need to find somewhere I can connect and upload the lot! And go through the huge pile of email I’m sure I’ll have. If you’ve emailed me, please be patient. I got to Alice Springs after 3 days offline and had 87 emails waiting, so 7 days on from then I daren’t even guess how big my mailbox is. I may wait till tomorrow morning for email scouring, as I can get free wireless for as long as I want in Singapore. Passport = flight = as long as I need to do my mail while sat in McD’s.

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