And Brisbane. Again.

The main problem with hotels, motels and hostels is check-out often being less than four hours after you make it to bed… Fortunately I’ve kind of got used to lack of sleep the last few days due to the partying on Byron Bay, so I wasn’t as bad as I could have been.

Amber and James – two more people I met at the party – very kindly offered to drop me off at Belinda and Albert’s up in Brisbane. It turns out they live barely 5 minutes’ drive away. We spent a good couple of hours watching creep films (Hostel – ick) and Family Guy before they took me round Coles for some groceries and delivering me to my accommodation.

Belinda and Albert are away this week so I’m on my own, effectively house-sitting for them. I don’t have much planned this week and I’ve really seen Brisbane already, so there won’t be much in the way of updates for a short while. Mostly I’ll be catching up with friends and relatives including Elaine, Skye and Mike (from Blue Dragon, Nikki, Jodie…

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