Gold Coast paaaaarty

I booked a trip around Kangaroo Island (near Adelaide) through Adventure Travel Bugs for which I received unlimited free internet. I made full use of it for three hours catching up with some of you lot!

After a quick lunch courtesy of some donated bread – I’d dumped what was left of my loaf in the “free food” bin and someone took it all – I wrote up a new hitching sign and started walking towards the highway. A fifteen minute wait and I was picked up by an all-American surf dude called Osea who’d had to pop back down to Bris from Surfer’s Paradise to pick up some stuff he’d left behind.

Seeing as he had time to kill, he even went as far as driving me around 15km north of where he was staying to drop me off somewhere easier for me to be picked up by the folks I was meeting. This was above and beyond so resulted in me picking up the tab for a Hungry Jack’s. Not bad overall, though – Sydney to Brisbane (taking into account tomorrow’s ride) for $6.35.

A short wile later, Donna – yet another Aussie resident (she’s really a Kiwi who’s snuck in somehow) I met online – picked me up and drove me to the motel our group were staying in. Beer was drunk, more people arrived and we made our way out for dinner and a night clubbing. I gained an hour as well. This is bizarre when you’ve travelled north, not west, but Queensland doesn’t have daylight savings like the rest of Oz (WA is “trialling” it for three years).

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